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Governance and Analysis - Research Paper Example

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Nova Southeastern University The Nova Southeastern University (NSU) is presently the seventh largest autonomous university in the USA. The main campus is located in Fort Lauderdale-Davie in Florida, while the University also has its presence in nine other countries of the world…
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Governance Research and Analysis
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Download file to see previous pages The Nova University was established in 1964 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It started as a small college with a small number of students. Initially, it offered graduate programs in physical sciences and social sciences. Gradually, the University also started offering programs in “law, business, education, computer science, psychology and oceanography”. In 1971, the Nova University was first recognized by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). In 1972, the institution started its first distance-learning program. Gradually, the Nova University grew into a reputed educational centre. Meanwhile, the Southeastern college of Osteopathic Medicine was founded in 1981 in the southeastern part of USA. During the period 1987-1991, this institution began offering courses on “pharmacy, allied heath, optometry, dental sciences and medical sciences” (Nova Southeastern University 2011). The College continued to expand and came to be known as the Southeastern University of the Health Sciences. In 1994, the Southeastern University of Health Sciences joined with the Nova University and the Nova Southeastern University was born. (Nova Southeastern University 2011) Mission Though the NSU is a private organization, it is not guided by profit making motives. It offers its students a diverse range of academic programs both on its campuses as well as through the distance learning mode. The University encourages its students to pursue academic excellence, research opportunities and engage in intellectual enquiries by way of fruitful interactions with the faculty members. The institution is devoted to serving the society by shaping its students to be future leaders of the community who are capable of shouldering diverse responsibilities. (Nova Southeastern University 2011) Vision The NSU is not under the regulation of the State University System, but has its own identity as an independent University. The Board of Trustees of the NSU has been very clear and categorical about maintaining the independent status of NSU. The administration, faculty and staff of the NSU provide its students with an independent opportunity to pursue academics of their choice. The educational courses offered by the University have been modified to meet student requirements. (Nova Southeastern University 2011) Values In its continuous pursuit of excellence, the NSU embodies the values of fostering collaboration, engaging in community service and engagement, encouraging diversity, providing educational access, promoting efficiency, encouraging entrepreneurship and innovation, maintaining its commitment towards integrity, ensuring the development of quality academic programs and encouraging active student engagement in scholarship and research. (Nova Southeastern University 2011) Other Relevant Information The NSU offers attractive facilities to its students which contribute significantly in making the University environment stimulating and conducive for the purpose of education. (Nova Southeastern University 2011) II. Institutional Leadership The NSU is headed by the President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mr. George L. Hanbury II. NSU also has a Board of Trustees which has established the mission of the University. The Board consists of three types of members. The Board Members include eminent personalities who occupy important positions in the society. Ronald G. Assaf is the present Chairman of the Board Members. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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