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The website contains the autism internet module to teach the visitors about the latest information about autism and its practical application to life. There is a movie uploaded at the website that contain extension amount of information about autism…
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Website reviews and critique
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"Website reviews and critique"

Websites Reviews and Critique http The website contains the autism internet module to teach the visitors about the latest information about autism and its practical application to life. There is a movie uploaded at the website that contain extension amount of information about autism. The name of the author and the date is not mentioned at the website however, it has been informed that the site is part of the project of ESC of Central Ohio. Since the date is not mentioned it could not be said that the information is current or not. The website contains latest news and information about autism and development occurring related to the treatment of this disorder. The information has been presented by an association Autism Speaks Inc. and the date mentioned at the site indicates that it has been updated regular and the information is current. There are many current news stories covered at the website making it current and highly information about autism. There are no signs to indicate biasness in the information because it is purely based upon news stories. This is also a highly informative website about autism. There are links to several news stories and articles about autism at the site. The information could be regarded authentic and credible because it has been presented by the Autism Research Institute. The year mentioned at the site tells that it is current and has frequently been updated. The information could not be regarded bias and it addresses different people like educators, families, providers and ASD individuals. The website contains information and support aim to provide help to the parents having children with autism. The date shows that the site was last updates in 2005 and thus the information could not be regarded current because it has not been updated for last six years. The name of the author is also not indicate at the site but it is informed that the information has been presented by Autism-PDD Network this indicates that the information has been presented by a professional organization working for autism treatment. The website has been developed by the Child development institute. The information presented at the site could be regarded credible and authentic because it has been presented by an organization. There is ample amount of information about the children development at the site that has been organized well in different sections. The date shows that the website was last updated in 2010 so that information is not current but not completely outdate because it was last updated a year ago. There are no signs of biasness in the information presented at the site. The website has been developed by the U.S government's Centres for Disease Control and Prevention. The website talks in detail about autism and the information could be regarded fully authentic and credible because it has been presented by an organization run by the government. The information has been backed by the data, statistics and research studies reports conducted by the organization that makes the information more authentic and credible. The date is not mentioned at the website however there is complete information about the website developers and the visitors can easily contact them to get further information. The website has been developed by Autism Society that works for better treatment and understanding about autism. The website contains current information and news about autism and contains detailed amount of information about autism and its treatment. The information co9uld be regarded authentic and credible because it has been provided by the organization meant to work for this particular problem. There is latest news also provided at the website making it more informative and current. This website also contains ample amount of information about autism and its treatment. It has been developed by The Option Institute & Fellowship and based upon the information about the Son-Rise program create by the organization. The date shows that the information is current and the site is updates regularly. The information is based upon the research work and experiences of people and it could not be said that there is biasness in the information because it is purely based upon the treatment of a disorder especially among the children. The website has been developed by First Signs that is an organization dedicated to educate the parents and professionals about autism and related disorder so that they become able to deal with this problem in adequate manner. The website was last updated in 2010 so the information is not very current neither it could be regarded very old. The website introduces the organization and its mission and also provides link to important information related with autism to make people well informed about the disorder. The information has been presented in reference to different research studies and publications and thus could be deem as authentic and credible. The website guides the visitors towards the resources from where they can get further information about autism and its treatment and could also get understanding about this disorder is better way. The website simple puts information about autism without letting know the visitors about the author of the information or the authority that published it. The website address shows that it has been developed by autism research network but there is no information at the site to tell something more about the organization. There is also no date mentioned at the site so nothing could be said about the information either it is update and current or not. There are no references provided with the information so it is also not possible to say that it is based upon research work or studies conducted around the topic. There is sufficient amount of information about autism but the site lacks information about the author and the authority that created the site. Read More
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