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Contract for an Independent HR Contractor and the Importance of Having A Contract - Research Paper Example

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This paper talks that a company who will commission an agency to supply them with independent manpower, or perhaps hire a freelancer, is a company who needs to increase its workforce on a seasonal basis only or when there are jobs to be done that cannot be routinely assigned to its regular employees…
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Contract for an Independent HR Contractor and the Importance of Having A Contract
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Download file to see previous pages As the paper declares when a company employs independent contractors, it has to be categorically established that there is no “employer-employee relationship” between the worker and the company, and the better way to make this clear-cut is by entering into a contract that may be called, Independent Contractor’s Agreement. It is very essential that a contract should be executed, wherein all the terms and conditions should be clearly stated that could strengthen what had been verbally agreed upon by the employer and the independent contractor. In reality, when there is a contract, it could easily prevent the misclassification of the other regular employees. A contract would easily differentiate the independent contractor from the regular employee.
This report stresses that all contracts should start by declaring the identities of the parties who will be the signatories in the contract, and they are the independent contractor, who could be the freelancer or the agency who will supply contingent workers, and the company who will be hiring the independent contractor/s. This should be followed by the establishment of what the independent contractor can do, and what he is equipped with, and it is at this point that it should be mentioned whether the contractor possesses a license or not, when it is specifically required, and that the company is desirous of engaging the independent contractor’s skills or expertise. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Contract for an Independent HR Contractor and the Importance of Having Research Paper.
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