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The use of the x ray machine in the medical field. And how it was invented and how far it has come (technology wise) and also it - Research Paper Example

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X-ray Device: Discovery, Design and Application One of the important discoveries of mankind has been X-rays. Since its discovery, implementation, renovation and modification, it has been useful enormously in the field of medicine and other areas and has been useful in diagnostic technology, scanning and treatment…
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The use of the x ray machine in the medical field. And how it was invented and how far it has come (technology wise) and also it
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The use of the x ray machine in the medical field. And how it was invented and how far it has come (technology wise) and also it

Download file to see previous pages... The discovery was actually accidental. The scientist found that invisible rays were emitted from a cathode ray tube and that these could penetrate wood and also paper. These rays were able to create a glow on a screen that was several years yards away. The glow was fluorescent. The screen that was observed was barium platinocyanide screen (Assmus, 10). The tube generating X-rays, the cathode rays was Crookes tube (Assmus, 10). The scientist made use of these properties to study the structure of bone of human hand. Several years after discovery of these rays, actual X-ray machines were invented. In 1900, it was discovered that radium rays are actually dangerous to skin. Radiology began to emerge as one of the medical specialities in 1900. Skill, the technical know-how and interpretation of image improved significantly (Linton, 27) X-rays are basically electromagnetic waves and their behavior is similar to light rays (Dendy, 48). However, their wavelengths are short. One useful property of the X-rays is, when the rays are directed towards a target that is of low density, they pass through the target uninterrupted. In case the target is of high density, like that of parts of human beings, the X-rays either get absorbed or are reflected. This occurs because of very less space between adjacent atoms in high density targets, which do not allow short waves to pass through. When the X-rays pass through completely through the target like in case of flesh, dark areas are seen on the screen. When they are blocked by high density targets like bones, they appear as light areas (Assmus, 14). It was Roentgen who discovered that X-rays basically originate from the tube at a point where the cathode rays strike the glass and then disseminate (Assmus, 14). He found that the origin point of X-rays moves as the rays coming from cathode are moved by a magnetic field. The X-rays however, are insensitive to magnet. Based on these findings, Roentgen concluded that X-rays are distinct from the rays emerging from the cathode, the cathode rays (Assmus, 14). "Roentgen justified calling the new phenomena rays because of the shadowy pictures they produce: bones in a hand, a wire wrapped around a bobbin, weights in a box, a compass card and needle hidden away in a metal case, the inhomogeneity of a metal" (Assmus, 14). Two years after Roentgen's discovery, which was basically radiation secondary to artificial ionization, a French scientist by name Henri Becquerel, discovered natural ionizing radiation from certain types of rocks. The radiation rays were similar to X-rays by Roentgen. The rocks were later refined by his colleagues Marie Curie and Pierre Curie to deliver radioactive substances radium, uranium and polonium. Radium is now being used to treat cancers (Linton, 26). Roentgen won Nobel Prize for his discovery in 1901. That was the first Nobel proze in Physics ever (Linton, 28). William Coolidge from General Electric Laboratories developed cathode X-ray tube that was an improved version and was hot. The X-ray machine was shielded suitably to prevent scattering of radiation that harmed the technicians. Thus, X-rays emerged from the tubes, known as Coolidge's tubes, through a lead shielded aperture. This method of exposure to X-rays allowed patients to be placed within a beam of X-rays and at the same time allowed others to be kept away from the beam. A further advancement in this method of X-ray exposure ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The Use of the X Ray Machine in the Medical Field. And How It Was Research Paper)
“The Use of the X Ray Machine in the Medical Field. And How It Was Research Paper”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/design-technology/1427102-the-use-of-the-x-ray-machine-in-the-medical-field.
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