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The Canadian Multiculturalism: Cultural Integration in the Society - Research Paper Example

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The paper describes whether multiculturalism really exists in Canada or it is just a myth. Canadian people believe that a culture is never based on a single race or religion; rather it is a combination of various factors that continuously change with the ongoing changes in the world…
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The Canadian Multiculturalism: Cultural Integration in the Society
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Extract of sample "The Canadian Multiculturalism: Cultural Integration in the Society"

Download file to see previous pages Canada is truly a multicultural society where a large number of people belong to other countries. Nearly fifty-nine percent people living in Canada have adopted French or British cultures whereas all others are neither British nor French. They have come from different parts of the world in order to work there and earn a good income. Those people have their own cultures and they have no pressure to adopt the culture of Canada. They are free to do whatever they want in accordance with their own cultural values and traditions. A large number of non-British and non-French people live in all provinces of Canada making it a real multicultural society. Nearly nineteen percent of all Canadian citizens are those who do not belong to Canada by birth. There is very less amount of foreign people living in Atlantic Canada and Quebec as compared to foreign people living in other parts of the country. Vancouver is a perfect example of multiculturalism where nearly 29 percent foreign people live. Similarly, in Toronto, nearly 40 percent of the total population belongs to countries other than Canada. Multiculturalism in Canada provides various benefits to the people living in Canada. Dewing and Leman state, “Multiculturalism serves as a positive instrument of change aimed at the removal of barriers that preclude the involvement, equity, access, and representation of all citizens in Canada’s institutions”. Immigrants do not feel any kind of foreign society’s pressure while living and following their religions and cultures in Canada. Multiculturalism in Canada also removes the barriers to participation in social activities, which makes immigrants feel more welcoming and friendly in the society. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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