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The Code of Dignity and the Code of Honor - Coursework Example

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The current paper "The Code of Dignity and the Code of Honor" deals with the fact that in a code of dignity, the nature of a person circles around his own self. The individual is considered more important than society. Personal growth and uniqueness are given importance as compared to group growth…
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The Code of Dignity and the Code of Honor
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Extract of sample "The Code of Dignity and the Code of Honor"

Download file to see previous pages In the code of dignity, an interpersonal relationship prospers because of ratification and dialogue. According to the code of dignity, people must form an interpersonal relationship on equal terms and they should give each other respect and space to grow. In the code of honor, an interpersonal relationship prospers by defining social roles of people, in which they must stay to continue a relationship. Interpersonal relationships in the code of honor are formed by giving proper social positions to individuals and people can grow as part of society, not as individuals.
Teamsterville code of speaking exemplifies a code of honor because the emphasis is on role and place and these should be related to a person. Moreover, in Teamsterville code of speaking, it was shown that men and women had their own roles in society, to which they should adhere. Society is prioritized over the individual in Teamsterville code of speaking.
Nacirema code of speaking exemplifies a code of dignity because emphasis is on individual and self. People are in need of true communication that is close, supportive and flexible in which, they must be allowed to grow with respect. Self is prioritized over society in Nacirema code of speaking.
Richard Daley: Joanna, I just don't get it. How could a woman like you abandon her child? What, did your husband beat you or something?
Joanna Kramer: Well. No, Ted is not an extremist and he has no personal flaws but he was unable to give me my space. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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