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The Cultural Perspectives and Values of Russia and Germany - Assignment Example

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Expatriates working in Russia and Germany have different cultural experiences. This report compares the cultural perspectives and values of Russia and Germany using some theories of cultural management such as Hofstede’s model and Trompennar’s model…
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The Cultural Perspectives and Values of Russia and Germany
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Extract of sample "The Cultural Perspectives and Values of Russia and Germany"

Download file to see previous pages In terms of individualism, Russia scored low while Germany scored high. This means that Germany believes in self-actualization while Russia believes in friendship and cooperation with neighbors and relatives. Russia also scored low on masculinity while Germany scored high. In this case, Germany values performance while Russia is concerned with the quality of life. The scores of Russia and Germany in terms of uncertainty avoidance were high; this indicates that both countries do not like ambiguous situations. The two countries also have a highly pragmatic mindset in which people believe that truth highly depends on context, time and situation. Lastly, the scores of the two countries in terms of indulgence were low, meaning that their cultures are restrained in nature.
The Trompennar’s model is similar to the Hofstede’s mode; in many ways. Universalism versus particularism dimension of the Trompennar’s model is similar to the Hofstede’s individualism-collectivism. Therefore, Russia scored high on this dimension while Germany scored low. The Trompennar’s dimensions of achievement-ascription, neutral-affective, and specific-diffuse are similar to the power distance dimension of Hofstede’s model. This means that Russia scored high in these dimensions while Germany scored low.
In terms of Hall’s theory, Russia has been considered as a high-context culture while Germany is a low-context culture. Diversity in the workplace and organizational culture also affect expatriate’s work because people are likely to face problems of gender, marital status, conversations at the workplace, use of non-verbal communication in both Germany and Russia. Furthermore, expatriates should consider the negotiation styles of the two countries. This report, therefore, focuses on dimensions of culture, workplace diversity, communication and negotiation styles of the two countries. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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