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Food and Culture of the Philippines - Assignment Example

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This paper "Food and Culture of the Philippines" focuses on the fact that the Philippines culture forms a very classical part of the Asian countries. It is a part of their customs to prepare food that is diverse, and mainly consisting of Philippine Cuisine. …
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Extract of sample "Food and Culture of the Philippines"

Due to many ethnic groupings in the region, there are also different cuisine dishes in different areas. In the video Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern, there is an exclusive analysis and documentary of Andrews’ journey in Philippines and the various hotels he toured. He visits the city of Manila, where he finds the street vendors, restaurants and hotels selling all sort of meals along the beach. He is amazed at the different types of foods on sale, some of which he had not even had a taste in his life. He is attracted to some exotic food such as chicken fetuses, coconut grubs, mangrove worms, water crickets and whole baby chickens. To him such food is weird and he has never had anticipation to eat it. Such food papers so appetizing, and would eat them should I go to the Philippines.

Ayurveda medicine
Ayurvedic medicine remains one of the oldest medical systems in India. It is strong in promoting aspects of health, diet through utilization of the herbal complexes. Ayurveda puts it that food is medicine and medicine is food. Therefore, one should always eat correctly since food can act as a healing tool.
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(Food and Culture of the Philippines Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 293 Words)
Food and Culture of the Philippines Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 293 Words.
“Food and Culture of the Philippines Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 293 Words”, n.d.
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