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Environmentalism as Religion - Research Paper Example

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The current paper highlights that environmentalism refers to a movement that is either ethical or political in nature, with an aim to protect and improve the status of the natural environment by changing human practices that are destructive to the natural environment…
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Extract of sample "Environmentalism as Religion"

Environmentalism as a religion Environmentalism refers to a movement that is either ethical or political in nature, with an aim to protect and improve the status of the natural environment by changing human practices that are destructive to the natural environment. To achieve their mission, environmentalists form economic, political, and social organizations that fight for environmental protection through the assessment of human activities that are harmful to the environment. Over the past several decades, the need to have a safe environment for human habitation has made many people become conscious about the environment, they inhabit. Consequently, environmentalism has gained immense popularity and many people have joined hands together to fight for a safe environment (Ronnow 121).
Many people are of the opinion that environmentalism has turned into a religious movement due to the increased number of people fighting for a safe environment. In addition, opponents of environmentalism accuse its followers of being over obsessed by the love for their environment in a manner depicting some acts of worship to the environment. However, environmentalists claim that their acts are driven by values and there are guidelines on how to maintain all values attached to the environment. One notable thing about environmentalism is its value for biodiversity. Environmentalists’ price for the environment is exceptionally high, which makes them utilize anything at their disposal to protect the environment (Ronnow 124).
A close analysis of environmentalism shows that the movement conducts some practices such as recycling of reusable wastes has literature recorded on books and other sources of literature as well as prophets. In addition, environmentalism has a distinctive day referred to as “Earth Day”, which is the day dedicated to the environment. The presence of followers plus the four mentioned facts portrays environmentalism as a form of religion since many religions are characterized with the same. However, environmentalism followers point out that they do not worship nature, but they simply recognize and appreciate the fact that the environment is changing drastically. According to environmentalism, changes taking place in the environment will make inhospitable to any form of life(Ronnow 163).
Environmentalists agreed that the environment gives them a sense of sacredness while in its presence regardless of how it evolved. The other notable thing about environmentalism is on their foundational ideas, which suggests that the environment is composed of interdependent systems. The main concern of environmentalism is to protect humans, animals, and plants as populations rather than individuals. With such concerns at hand, environmentalism believes that there is protection of life once the environment is kept safe (Ronnow 219).
The issue of environmentalism faces a lot of criticism from people who believe that humans are not the ultimate cause of the said environmental changes. For example, the issue of global temperature rise due to CO2 emissions raises a lot of concerns from the critics. Critics argue that the rise in temperatures were even worse during the Medieval period. In addition, increase in global temperatures started long before the levels of carbon dioxide started to rise. According to critics, environmentalism followers have no concrete basis for their love for the environment, but rather practice earth worship in the name of protecting the environment(Ronnow 244).
Work Cited
Ronnow, Tarjei. Saving Nature: Religion As Environmentalism, Environmentalism As Religion. Berlin : LIT Verlag Münster, 2011. Read More
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(Environmentalism As Religion Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1)
Environmentalism As Religion Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1.
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