Customs and Cultural Stereotypes Associated with Germany - Assignment Example

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The goal of the present document is to provide a brief overview of the manifestations of German culture in music, cuisine and science. This assignment will focus mainly on the positive characteristics or stereotypes about German that have been considered true and admirable…
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Customs and Cultural Stereotypes Associated with Germany
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To begin with, Germany has a well-matured culture of Music, in the past, it successful ride since it has produced the best classical music composers of the world who among them; Beethoven and Bach Mozart (Bernstein, 2004). These two musicians played a very important role during the transition face in music when the world was moving from classical music to romantic music especially in western countries (Bernstein, 2004). It is because of this successful history of music in Germany, that has seen Germany establish the fifth largest music market in the world and this simply means that Germany is still interested in preserving its culture in the music industry. The culture of Germany in terms of music has been identified with originality unlike in America where the culture of music has been influenced by people moving from the Diaspora and settling in the country.
Germany has maintained the use of traditional foods. Most restaurants in Germany, prefer preparing traditional foods, although the food differs from one region to the other. For example, people who stay in the northern part of Germany, like eating fish that has been prepared in their traditional ways while those who stay in the Rhine region prefer taking their original beer as compared to wines that are being introduced in the country. Generally, Germania’s have maintained their traditional foods and they have resisted any assimilation into taking other foods unlike in the United States, where dishes that are prepared in the various regions vary with the kind of immigrants who have settled in those areas
Germany has been known for its great contribution in the field of science, this has been made possible by the fact that Germany has maintained a strong historical background in research and adventure. Some of the fields that Germany has been credited for having played a key role include; invention and engineering (Bernstein, 2004).For example, Johannes Gutenberg was credited with the invention of movable type printing. Another great inventor Konrad Zuse was credited for the building of the first computer. Unlike Germani’s who depend entirely on their own people for inventions and research, America has greatly depended on people from other countries to come and spearhead the invention and promote the scientific field in terms of research (Bernstein, 2004).
Despite Germany, insisting on maintaining its culture, there is a threat of assimilation that is threatening to counter the culture of Germany and introduce a new culture.   Read More
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