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Basseri of Iran - Research Paper Example

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This essay deals with the problems of definition of the character of mode of subsistence, kinship practices, social and political organization of the Basseri tribe of South Iran. The author analyzes the aforementioned aspects in a view of general concept of the Basseri tribal organization as an example of tribal chiefdom form…
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Basseri of Iran
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Extract of sample "Basseri of Iran"

Download file to see previous pages As the study of the social structure of the Basseri tribe by Barth (1961) is one of the classical examples of the research in the field of ethnography of nomadic peoples of Iran, it is instructive to closely analyze the modern state of the Basseri people. In this essay, I will deal with the various aspects of social life of the Basseri, focusing on their subsistence patterns, but paying appropriate attention to their kinship practices, social and political organization. Accordingly, the essay will be divided into four sections in which the relevant aspects will be analyzed. My basic argument with regard to the Basseri is that they represent a stage of development transitional between the primitive lineage form and more developed chiefdom organization, which is itself a necessary prerequisite to the fully stratified society, and the organization of the essay will reflect that argument. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Basseri of Iran

...chiefdom form. In the end, the conclusion is reached according to which the Basseri may be regarded as one of the vivid examples of this form of societal organization. Keywords: ethnography, nomadic societies, pastoralism, chiefdom, tribe, Basseri Basseri of Iran As the study of the social structure of the Basseri tribe by Barth (1961) is one of the classical examples of the research in the field of ethnography of nomadic peoples of Iran, it is instructive to closely analyze the modern state of the Basseri people. In this essay, I will deal with the various aspects of social life of the Basseri, focusing...
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The Basseri of Iran culture

...? The Basseri of Iran May 15, Introduction The report focuses on the Basseri Nomads in the country of Iran who are different when compared to the other tribes of the country or the other type of nomads in other countries in the Arabian Peninsula. The main focus is on the economic organization, the kinship and the social organization that exists among the people in the nomadic tribe of Basseri. The economic organization is a combination of nomadism, the importance of livestock by Basseri, their environmental adaptation and also the ownership and the property that they have in their tribes. The kinship factors include the patrilineal, the marriage and the divorce aspects of the Nomadic tribe of Basseri and the way it is different...
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The Culture of Basseri Tribes of Iran

...and attitudes and it is particularly true in spirituality and religion. It is believed that how a makes its living and the modes of subsistence has a strong impact on the culture. This paper aims at studying the culture of Basseri of Iran. Different modes of subsistence and its impact on the culture will be discussed. The Basseri culture and its various aspects of modes of subsistence such as Foragers, Horticulturist, Pastoralist, Emerging Agriculturist, Agrarian states or industrialist will also be discussed. Culture is a very vast field which is depicted in all strata’s of life that is beyond the scope of this paper. This paper will be restricted to only three aspects of culture namely...
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Basseri of Iran

...?Basseri of Iran- The pastoral nomads The Middle East, the cradle of civilization, has a long-standing history of nomadic life. The life of nomads inthe vast deserts is more than often a typical example of pastoral nomadism. It is pointed out that “prior to the twentieth century, (all of) Iran’s tribes had economies based on nomadic pastoralism” (Beck, 1980). Especially, the tribal group, Basseri of Iran has been a nomadic civilization of its own, with distinct social equations of kinship, beliefs, values, and social change that is always defined by their primary mode of subsistence, that is, pastoralism. They have been described as a tribe that has values and culture based on adaptive ecology and pragmatism (Eller, 2007). One definition...
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The Basseri of Iran: How Pastoralism Impacted Kinship, Social Organization, and Political Organization

...? The Basseri of Iran: How Pastoralism Impacted Kinship, Social Organization, and Political Organization Ashford The Basseri of Iran: How Pastoralism Impacted Kinship, Social Organization, and Political Organization The Basseri of Southern Iran are traditionally a nomadic, tent-dwelling people, descended from Arabic, Persian, Turkic, and Gypsy ancestors. Amanolahi (2003) informs us that the Basseri have now been detribalized and integrated into the national Iranian state, however. Traditionally, their primary mode of subsistence had been pastoral, herding sheep and goats. They numbered about 16,000 in the 1950s, when research for the classic ethnography, Nomads of South Persia by Frederik Barth was conducted (Amanolahi, 2003...
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Iran Term Paper

...?Geography of Iran This term paper discusses the geography of Iran and its implications to its political, economic, cultural and physical make-up as a country. It’s explicated with an intention to assist gather intelligence information that can be utilized to understand its geographic location and contour. It will be an instrument to understand too the cultural, political and sociological make-up of the community. Physical Terrain Figure 1. Map of Iran. (Google, 2011). Iran is a country located in the Middle East of Southwest Asia continent. It is geographically bordered by Iraq in the eastern side and of Turkey. It immediate neighbors are the countries of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Turkmenistan. Aside from being...
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Basseri Tribe of Iran

...? Cultural Anthropology of Basseri Tribe of Iran [Academic Level] Anthropological study on cultural background of a certain ancient tribe or group of people, like the tribe of Basseri of Iran, opens the way to understanding their ethnicity through analyzing the impact of their mode of subsistence on some of the aspects of their cultural way of life. This is the purpose of this thesis. This analysis also enhance familiarity on how the environment greatly influenced the cultural behavior of a group of people, and how the people in turn adjust their way of life according to what the environment dictates for them. But even some environmental factors will tend to influence people’s way of life, more often, the inherent virtues and molded values...
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Sexual politics in Iran

... Sexual Politics in Iran Being an Arabic nation, Iran is one of the countries in the world with the highest level of conservativeness in terms of both religious and political culture (Vakil 84). Over the past seven decades, Iran has undergone massive revolution especially in the sexual aspect in order to offer liberation to many who deserve it. In this respect, it is important to mention the fact that sexual politics in Iran has elicited various reactions across the gender, religious, and social strata for many reasons (Rieffer-Flanagan 111). Perhaps one of the many reasons as to why sexual politics is so critical in Iran is the fact that the nation is guided by Islamic laws that tend to lower the status of women in the society...
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A Nuclear Capable Iran

... A Nuclear Capable Iran Introduction Since the Second World War, the number of nations who have nuclear weapons has only increased. Of course there have been situations where some nations have rolled back their nuclear plans and went on to become weapons free states, but many others have worked hard to seek out nuclear arms. The number of nations seeking nuclear weapons today suggests that a nuclear arsenal may be considered a strategic asset as discussed by Paulikas (2006). However, for many analysts, the existence of such weapons also comes with a responsibility to not to use them to the extent that they may not be used at all. Thinkers such as LaFranchi (2006) as well as Carter (2006) have made it clear that some nations may...
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...Iran Case Study The Iranian nuclear crisis remains one of the main points of concern for all countries of Gulf Cooperation Council. The governments of the countries that belong to GCC see Iran as a threat to region security and political stability after Iran government denied to disclose the nuclear activities, insisting that these activities are not related to production of nuclear weapons. This situation is controversial and many debates arise around it. Iran is suspected in some actions directed against other countries. Some analysts point out that current regime is likely to provide the terrorist groups with the nuclear weapon to use it against Israel. This major concern is accompanied with negative attitude towards Iran’s growing...
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Issues Impacting Womens Rights in Iran

The first problem suffered by women in present-day Iran is the conditions imposed upon them by Iran’s governing body, consisting of a hierarchy of fundamentalist Islamic clerics who ensure that the country functions under a patriarchal system that keeps women covered and quiet. How is it that in the name of the Prophet Muhammad, whose first convert to Islam was his wife, Khadija, who served alongside him during a time, according to authors Lakeland and Mernissi (1991), “. . . when the Prophet could be a lover and a leader hostile to all hierarchies, when women had their place as unquestioned partners in a revolution that made the mosque an open place, the household a temple of debate (11),” Iranian Islamic cleric...
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FP Iran V. Secretary of State for the Home Department

...Running Head: FP (IRAN) V. SECRETARY OF FOR THE HOME FP (Iran) V. Secretary of for the Home Department of Institution) Critical Assessment of significance of the case of “FP (Iran) V. Secretary of State for the Home Department” in the development of Administrative Law Introduction With the advent of civilisation and the law making process, it has been the endeavour of man to ensure that Rule of Law prevails in all decisions made in disputes. Judges have accepted time and again that just as everybody has certain rights that are subject to prevailing laws, so also all officials upholding the law have a responsibility to ensure that they shall not commit any act without proper justification. Administrative Law is a set of governing principles...
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Dispute Settlement between States: The Iran-U.S. Claims Tribunal Case and the La Grand Case

...DISPUTE SETTLEMENT BETWEEN S: THE IRAN-U.S. CLAIMS TRIBUNAL CASE AND THE LA GRAND CASE Introduction Peaceful settlement of international disputes is considered the main objective in maintaining peace and security as legislated in significant principles of Article 2(3) of the United Nations Charter. The legislation states that all members of the United Nations are to settle international disputes in a manner that shall not endanger international peace, security, and justice. Article 33(1) of the United Nations Charter also discusses direct and peaceful settlement of international disputes where states are to settle their disputes by means of negotiation, inquiry, mediation, conciliation, arbitration, judicial settlement, regional agencies...
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Differences in the Accounts of the Iran Contra Affair between Christopher Andrew and Tim Weiner

...Differences in the accounts of the Iran Contra Affair between Christopher Andrew and Tim Weiner: The Iran Contra Scandal still remains one of the dark episodes of the Ronald Reagan Administration that spanned two Presidential terms between 1980 and 1988. Toward the end of 1986, the biggest political and constitutional scandal since Richard Nixon’s implication in the Watergate scandal unraveled in the United States. To the astonishment of the gathered press corps Ronald Reagan admitted that money earned from covert arms deals with the Islamic Republic of Iran had been used to provide weapons for the Contra rebels in Nicaragua who were essentially agents of Washington. The scandal set off many theories and speculations as to the motives...
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Showdown with Iran

One of the factors that made the US become wary is that Iran staged one of their biggest military exercises this year and it showed that they could gain supremacy and power in the Persian Gulf. This would be dangerous considering that despite America being more technologically advanced, Islam is very powerful in the world. America could probably win against Iran, but it would not win against Islam.
The United States is afraid of Irans' efforts to develop nuclear weapon capability and what it will do once it gains that type of power. There are satellite photographs that suggest the existence of Iran's nuclear facilities. Although strategists say that Iran really isn't a threat and it was suggested that America already had the...
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Iran-Iraq Conflict

...Iran/Iraq War (1980-1988) Introduction On September 22,1980,Iraqi army crossed Irani borders in Khuzistan Province and launched strikes against all Iranian airfields within their reach. On August 20,1988,after almost eight years of this brutal conflict and one year of reluctance and evasiveness, Iraqi government accepted the United Nation’s cease-fire proposal. Finally, the longest war between two traditionally hostile foes came to an end with no improvement in anyone’s stance. The war proved futile and expensive for both and neither achieved its objectives(Sick 230). Background to war/conflicting roots Iran-Iraq conflict had deep roots in the history of middle Eastern region. There were some historical and some immediate factors...
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John Foster Dulles Politics Against Iran

...John Foster Dulles: relations with Iran John Foster Dulles was a Republican and served as the US Secretary for State during the years 1953 to 1959. He is renowned not only for his six years tenure as the Secretary but also for his participation in many events like the American Commission to Negotiate Peace (1918-1919). Best known for his shrewdness and grasp on foreign policy, Dulles is a major name in the politics staged between Iran and America during and after the Second World War. Being an anti-communist, Dulles sought to protect states that bordered the former USSR, and hence supported many conservative but pro-American political figures like Reza Shah Pahlavi in Iran. In the politics that ensued the Baghdad Pact of 1955...
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Comparative Politics Iran Vs. USA

...Comparative Politics Iran Vs. USA Iran and America are extremely different countries as far as the culture and politics are concerned. Iran is dominated by Muslims community whereas America is dominated by Christian religion. America is a secular democratic state and people all over the world can immigrate to United States. Moreover the immigrated population can acquire the citizenship also in America. American democracy is resting on the strong pillars like Liberty, equality, human rights protection etc. On the other hand, democracy is on papers alone in Iran. Like most of the other democratic countries, elections were conducted to select the representatives of Iranian parliament; however the influence of religion and religious leaders...
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Feminism in Iran

...Feminism in Iran This sign in the window of an Iranian shop can be translated as, “No service to women with loose veil or without hijab , not even to our old customers.” In 1983 Mullaney ( page 72) stated that ‘A successful revolution had to affect women’s daily life’ their daily social relation’. The Iranian revolution of 1979/80 certainly did have such an effect.. The topic of this essay is ‘Feminism in Iran’. Does such a thing exist? Is it possible given the present day political and religious situation there of which this shop sign is symbolic. Moghadam asked in 2000 ‘Can there be such a thing as a feminism that is framed in Islamic terms?’ In doing so she cites the scholars who would vehemently argue against any possibility...
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The Ideology of Iran: Islamist Principles

...Ideology of Iran Introduction Iranian ideology is based on primarily on Islamist principles. As such, the teachings of Qur’an cover most aspects of their lives, from their politics, to their economy, as well as social and cultural living. In order to understand Iran and its ideology, it is important to understand its history, its influence, as well as its behaviour and actions. The current decisions and actions of Iran has also become major concerns for its neighbouring states, including the Gulf Cooperation Council, especially as Iran has been developing its nuclear program. Their ideology is impacting and directing political powers and as such, there are different implications which can be noted on the general population...
40 Pages (10000 words) Research Paper
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