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The following assignment reveals a brief, abstract fictional write-up picturing an action scene of the fight between a man named Brigadier and a bear. The inspiration of the present piece comes from a book titled "Animal Forum & Declaration of Third World War"…
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Writing an Imaginary Piece of Fiction
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Extract of sample "Writing an Imaginary Piece of Fiction"

Topic: Write Short Piece of the University
Write short piece
With a loud grunt, he hugged the Brigadier, without waiting for his reply and this time the hug blocked the breath of the Brigadier. Outside the latched door, he heard lots of commotion, running around, wild shrieks and gunshots.
The confused Brigadier desperately sought freedom but the two hundred pounds weight of the bear provided no scope to escape.
He pressed harder and harder…deliberately with a specific purpose.
He tried to get to his service revolver, but the prompt kick knocked it and the revolver fell down at the feet of the bear. Brigadier heard the sound of his bones cracking as the bear tightened the grip and soon the Brigadier turned ex-Brigadier, with his tongue hanging and the eyeballs peeping out of the socket. Blood oozed out of his body from many outlets. It began to drip from the pores of the punctured veins/skin of the Brigadier’s body just like drops of bile from the glands of bear undergoing torture in the cage in which it was once imprisoned.
The bear loosened the grip and the body of the Brigadier tumbled in a lump of flesh. The bear began stomping the body repeatedly, with loud grunts cursing humankind heartily for the cruelties inflicted on the fraternity of bears.
“This one for keeping bears imprisoned in coffin-like cages, for extracting bile from bladders. You butchers keep us thus for fifteen years or till death—all this for producing shampoos, the so-called miraculous remedies and aphrodisiacs—you barbarians, rascals and scoundrels”
“This one for lowering us alive onto beds of hot coals for cooking our paws—a delicacy for the palate of you progeny of demons”. (Mallya, 2012, p.102)
….”I strongly suspect the handiwork of your intelligence agencies, in sabotaging our Turn All and Burn All Plan” said the President. (Mallya, 2012, p.106)
Reference Cited
Mallya, HCR (2012) Animal Forum & Declaration of Third World War. FeedARead
Publishing. USA, Print. Read More
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