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The American Dream - Research Paper Example

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: The American Dream 1The “American Dream” is perhaps the greatest factor that empowers every American and differentiates us from the rest of the world. Right from the time of our founding fathers, the American people have believed that each person has the freedom in life…
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The American Dream
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"The American Dream"

Download file to see previous pages The core fabric of the American dream is the fact any individual is capable of attaining the level of success desirable depending on their ability and achievements. Essentially, the American dream envisions an environment where thrift and hard work are the defining factors of the success of an individual. The issues of race and background do not in any obstruct a person in their pursuit for a better and fulfilling life. In the modern times, the definition of the American Dream has significantly changed to reflect the changing times. Some people hold the belief that the American Dream means the pursuit of money. The ability to purchase a big house, own an expensive car and afford exotic holidays seems the motivation of a number of American citizens. Yet to some, the basic freedom to live in a society free from fear literally defines their American Dream. Both ways, the quest for material wealth and freedom still remain the central themes of the modern definition of the American Dream. According Adams (1931), the American dream is not merely a pursuit of cars and high wages, rather a dream of social order creating a society whereby every individual is able to attain the peak of achievement which they are created capable of. Further, each individual deserves the right to be recognized irrespective of their position or the unchangeable circumstances of birth. He further points out that the pursuit of this dream should not sideline other individuals in the pursuit of their goals. The shifts in the modern society have made it almost impossible for every individual to have equal footing; it is hard to ignore the bitter truth that the circumstances where each individual grows in have a tremendous impact on their ability to attain prosperity in the future. Of course the classic story of rags to riches still reverberates throughout the nation. But in reality, sometimes the odds are so great that in surmounting them to attain prosperity, one may have opportunity to enjoy the fruits of their prosperity. Indeed, the parody of our times is people working long hours to buy nice cars and big homes yet they spend over two thirds of their time tied in their work place. It is also necessary to note that it is easier for people coming from a prosperous background to achieve success than those that come from poor backgrounds. Comparing two people of equal capability and with equal opportunity, the differentiating factor will be the initial background. As Mathew (2008) puts it, in the pursuit of wealth you can never run faster than your shadow however hard you may try. The truth is that inequalities in the society serve as impediments in the pursuit of self fulfillment. Growing disparities in class and social stratification make it difficult for the individuals from humble backgrounds to pursue the American Dream. In his article “Changing Concepts of The American Dream”, Mathew (2008) points out that many Americans no longer entertain the vision for future success through hard work and sweat. Rather, most individuals covet a short cut to wealth. This partly explains the recent obsession with get-rich-schemes throughout the nation. Large prize television game shows have also become immensely popular who call in during the shows2. The CNN Memorial2 list a one Charles Henry Karczewski who was a benefits consultant at AON Group. In a tribute for him, his wife says that he loved that “stupid trade center” ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Relate the theme the american dream to death of a salesman and arthur miller's life
The concept of American Dream is seated in the “United States Declaration of Independence” which proclaims that “all men are equal”. It also believes that every human being irrespective of their social class or circumstances pertaining to their birth are “endowed by their creator with certain inalienable Rights” which includes “Life, Liberty and pursuit of Happiness” (Kamp, “Rethinking the American Dream”).
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How the American Dream has changed for the worse over time
But this dream, while originally encompassed by a desire to explore, to be socially and economically free, and to have equality and freedom, has now shifted. Our American Dream now seems to be more financial, about having a house and a car, a million dollars in the bank and a good job.
4 Pages(1000 words)Research Paper
American Dream
The term ‘American Dream’ was first coined by James Truslow Adams in a study called The Epic of America. The concept of it is to provide opportunity to all people according to their talents and dreams. Adams believes that the idea of achieving one’s goals without any restrictions in regard to class or caste can develop from the need in people of “being able to grow to fullest development as man and woman”.
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The Model Minority Myth and the American Dream
One of the topics elaborating on America’s failure to live its dream is poverty. This argumentative essay will base its reasons on America’s status in relation to Alexei Sherman’s novel that tells about the life of a Native Indian boy. Briefly, the novel describes life of a teenage boy born in an extremely poverty-stricken family.
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The American Dream Paper
It is perhaps this background that largely informed their preoccupations with the themes of upward mobility and the American Dream. Indeed, writer Lorrie Moore called Wilson’s play ‘Fences’ “an African-American Death of a Salesmen”. Additionally, writing on the notion of this dream in ‘Death of a Salesman’ it’s that it noted that, “the post-industrial capitalist boom was the dream that constituted hard work, success, money, and freedom” (Masinski, xiv).
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The American Dream in the 1960's
In defining the American Dream, James Truslow Adams in 1931, he argued that life should be richer and better, and fuller for everybody, with an opportunity for each one according to capability or achievement irrespective of circumstances of birth or social class.
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American Dream Research Paper
The story, based on Willy Loman as the main character, revolves around him to demonstrate a number of themes including the American dream. Miller majorly applies flashback to demonstrate, through Willy, the concept of the American dream and its impacts on people’s social, psychological, and economic lives.
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The American Dream
Unfortunately, most of the Americans still strongly believe that this preposterous ambition can be achieved. Achieving the American dream undoubtedly depends on an individual’s own definition of the dream, thus, causing many varieties to choose from. John Winthrop visualized a religious paradise in a “City upon a Hill”, while Martin Luther King, Jr.
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American dream
Inexpensive land, better conditions, but most of all, for a new and better life was what led so many cultures to America. But becoming rich and having land wasn't the only reason people flocked to America. Some cultures were giving up their places of origin for religious freedom.
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Critically analyze Walter Lees Perspectives of the American dream. Why is Walter determined to achieve the American dream
The concept of American Dream and its manifestation through literature during the post-modern and post-colonial era was not an exception. Precisely, in the American literature the
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