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Settling the Canadian-American West, 1890-1915 - Book Report/Review Example

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Book Review “Settling the Canadian-American West, 1890-1915” Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Introduction 3 Thesis Statement 3 Settling the Canadian-American West: The Review 4 Strengths 6 Weakness 6 Conclusion 7 Work Cited 8 Introduction History refers to the record of past, according to the general terminology owed to the term…
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Settling the Canadian-American West, 1890-1915
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Extract of sample "Settling the Canadian-American West, 1890-1915"

Download file to see previous pages “Settling the Canadian-American West, 1890-1915” by John W. Bennett and Seena B. Kohl is concrete testimony bearing the indigenous history and mark of Canadian settlement and precisely distinguishing its socio-economic and socio-cultural demography from its longest unfenced neighbor, the United States of America. Thesis Statement The essay intends to perform an in-depth study of the text, “Settling the Canadian-American, West, 1890-1915” and present a cognitive and coherent study of the book in the form of its review. Settling the Canadian-American West: The Review The enlightening historical extravaganza, bearing the title “ Settling the Canadian-American West, 1890-1915” by two veteran scholars and anthropologists, John W. Bennett and Seena B. Kohl first appeared before its readers in the year 1995. Published by the University of the Nebraska Press, this hardcover edition comprising of 297 pages is the result of a very thorough and well edited research work by John W. Bennett, Anthropologist in Residence in the Department of Anthropology in Washington University and Seena B. Kohl, a renowned professor in the Webster University, in the Department of Behavioral and Social Science. ...
egrated part of social science and anthropology as well plays a very significant role in comprehending a history of any civilization or settlement is adequately informed by this well researched text. The book contains fourteen chapters bearing the following titles, ‘Locale and Approach’, ‘Settlement and Environment in the Canadian-American West’, ‘Settlement Patterns and Ethnicity’, ‘Setting Out: Emigration as a Social Process’, ‘Starting Off: Interactive Adaptation on the Homestead Frontier’ ,‘Settling In: Family and Household in Homesteading Experience’, ‘Growing Up: Memories of Childhood’ , ‘Coming Together : the Formation of the Homestead Community’, ‘Women’s Organization: from Country District to Nation’ , ‘Rudyard: a Railroad-Homestead Town as Seen by Contemporaries’, ‘Lives: Two Builders’, ‘Lives: Country Men and Women’ and ‘The Political Aftermath’. The book initiates with a title page followed by a brief introduction that bears the same title with the book and truly abides its essence as well. This segment of the book is followed by contents, illustrations and acknowledgements. Interestingly the seventh chapter of the book which can be treated to be located in the middle of the book is followed by a spectacular photographic portfolio. This segment of the book bears the title, ‘A Photographic Portfolio’ and contains hundreds of those images seen in the museums and archives and even found in the local galleries of local historical centers. These photographs are woven systematically and thematically which forms a clear panorama in the minds of the readers and throw them back into the time from where the events, people and places are mentioned in the books. This portfolio almost launches the book to the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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