Hilarious Teachers Who Perfectly Nailed It


Is it hard to be a teacher? Well, yes. Still, there is no reason to stop your self from doing something hilarious. Look how these brilliant teachers managed to combine learning and fun.

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Key Tips On How To Prepare Yourself Mentally Ready For Your Big Exams


Students dread examinations particularly because of the subject matter involved and the time needed to review everything there is to study effectively. This, added to other projects and coursework, can be extremely stressful and make exams quite the detested experience. However, just because exams are generally hard, it doesn't mean we're all bound to lose. Given the right tactics and strategy, we may be able to prevail the odds and get that coveted A-plus. The process won't be easy, however, since journeys to success take a lot of preparation and effort. It will be fruitful, however, as once you discover your optimal studying strategy, you are free to tailor it to your needs.

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Best Christmas and New Year gifts for college students


How do you feel about all the upcoming holidays? If you are as nervous as most of the people, rushing to find last-minute presents that would look decent, you’ve come to a right place to look for answers. No matter who you are, a student who is seeking for something special to give to their friends or a thoughtful parent, who wants to keep pace with the times and make a present remarkable, you all will find something in our ideas list.

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What Kind of Psychology Is Data-driven Marketing Actually Teaching Us?


As of lately, there is a movement advocating that soon, the world of marketing as we know it might regress to the state it was in during the golden age of traditional marketing. Furthermore, they reject the idea of data-driven marketing industry as an ultimate tool of corporate outreach and speak firmly in favor of the old-fashioned ‘Mad Men’ approach. In other words, they claim that in order to create an effective marketing campaign, one has to rely on the power of layman psychology, rather than raw data. Now, what’s wrong with this particular approach is the fact that it dismisses one simple truth – data-driven marketing is on its own a powerful psychological tool. How so? Well, just because it simulates a basic academic research in more than one way. Here’s what data-driven marketing can actually teach us about the basic psychology of an average consumer.

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6 Good Examples of Implementing Machine Learning into the Education Process


We feel it in the air. The education process is changing completely. In a few years, we probably won't recognize classrooms anymore. Technological progress comes through each tiniest aspect of our lives, so no wonder it starts to transform the education we know today in something we probably won't recognize tomorrow. 

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