The Most Awaited Comics of 2018


Everybody knows the previous year was an incredible time for breathtaking comics store ever. Luckily, this trend seems to be only expanding this year. Even though 2018 has just begun, it already announces a lot of exceptional works from both, industry veterans and rising stars, who strive to impress readers via experiments, innovations and crushing the boundaries. We are promised to see the incredible takes on set superheroes, tempting imports and a lot of graphic novels covering topics from celebrity biographies up to philosophical reflections on the nature of art.

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20 Best Research Paper Topics for a Perfect Start


Have you ever experienced a bizarre and exciting feeling of finding the best topic for your research paper? For me, it always seemed like it falls from the sky only. I personally have spent more time in a search for a topic, than on actual writing. Isn’t that silly?

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Free Quality Essays Today – The StudentShare reviews that make it top notch


StudentShare is a platform created to encourage studies among the students. There are loads of essay papers that a student can retrieve from the database at any time of the day. This is the first feature that makes it a top academic platform. You will never miss finding a solution to your academic problem. The Student Share review stipulates significant pros that you will never find in other academic platforms such as Study Mode, Course Hero, Quizlet, or Chegg. The site offers all students a chance to get quality and customized essay writing paper on any subject. As a result, several students are fond of the site as they receive quality service on a daily basis. By the way, you are already on the Student Share site...

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15 Greatest Anime of All Times


Anime is one of the most popular animations in the world nowadays. No wonder! It combines great storytelling with the high aesthetics of the picture.

How can you possibly choose the best Anime to watch? We at StudentShare argued each for weeks!

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7 Shopping Tricks to Save Money


Let’s take a second to think, what fills our student's life? Plenty of books and studying materials to purchase, groceries you suddenly have to buy yourself, massive student loan and loads of small everyday financial necessities that follow you wherever you go. How can you possibly manage to look fabulous and have a ‘red carpet’ look each day (for, honestly, we all dream of it)?

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