How to Write an Essay When You Lack On Time


Writing the last minute paper is a well-known activity for practically every student. And no matter what your professor and mom think, there might be dozens of reasons behind that except laziness and procrastination. Sure, those two take their place in the list of possible reasons, but they are not the only ones to be there.

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Students of all grades, from high school to university, are familiar with the problem of plagiarism. This is a quite ambiguous issue, which includes moral, ethical, and legal phases. It is not like plagiarism appeared yesterday, but with the expansion of the Internet, and rapid information propagation, this theme has become even more menace. Despite the fact that students face the problem of plagiarism most commonly, it is peculiar to different people. Teachers, entrepreneurs, journalists, lawyers, and other people plagiarize works composed by other authors, too.

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20+ most hilarious short comics


Best short comics for the best mood

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6 Tattle-tale signs you are a Procrastinator


Procrastination has been a hit on the web lately. After a huge wave of all kinds of blog posts, articles and youtube videos on the topic, practically everybody started considering themselves to be a ‘procrastinator.’ Still, checking the Facebook page at work won’t make you a mess. Delaying a hard task to be done later might be ok, just because sometimes we need to think it over and find the best solution for it.

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How to Write an Impressive Descriptive Essay


A descriptive essay is an academic paper in which you need to describe a place, person, item or event. You might have encountered the descriptive passages in books or even in manual instructions. Your descriptive essay must give a full picture of the object or situation. In most of the cases you need to come up with the topic on your own, but sometimes your assignment can suggest you a theme. 

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