A Tricky Path: From High School to College


High school period is believed to be the most favorable in everyone’s life. Even if one turns an outsider, this time still remains full of impressions and memories. First kisses, first experience, first true friends… As well as first challenges, failures and wins. You might won’t ever use those creepy maths formulas or Ancient Greece dates, but the fact remains the fact: this season of our life is awesome. Wanna have some fun? Check out if this is true about your high school life. Stage 1... For all those who is just getting started… Keep calm and be a freshman! It’s not that horrible and humiliating as modern cinematography might show. Noone will get at you unless you deserve it. Private schools for wealthy guys may be an exception. It’s just important to realize that you cannot be loved by everyone. Making friends with foes, like Ramones sing, is not...

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Watch out for Looming Teacher Recruitment Crisis!


Teacher's recruitment crisis is coming to schools. It is caused by the significant students shortage in basic academic classes. The schools officials shared that around 2,000 training places were left empty in 2014. It is almost impossible to find qualified enough staff. The Department of Education has disapproved the sad statistics: only 32,5 thousand people are expected to begin teacher coaching courses this season. At the same time, the target is 35,000. So, the share is 93%, which is not that critical. So, some people do not believe in the threat of losing a critical amount of teaching labor. However, as for particular subjects, despite the promised tax-free scholarships of up to £25,000, the under-recruitment statistics still takes place. For instance, such crucial discipline as Engineering gathered hardly 45% of the required amount of teachers. Physics and Chemistry suffer less (67%), while Foreign Languages, Geography, Literature, Biology, Math and IT...

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Don't Know How to Keep Your Pants on while Cheating?


Many students today are as heavily addicted to cheating as junkies are to drugs. But how comes that some lame ducks get caught within the first couple of minutes while the lucky ones tend to survive up to the end? If you are still searching for the best ways to cheat on the exams, you are in the right place! I mean, this article can figure it out for you. Read the instructions carefully and choose your own way to stay invisible. Basically, there are twelve techniques that work with 90% of the instructors (or admission officers). Method #1. Forced to the wall. Take a textbook or any other class-related material and hide it just before the exam in the WC. Of course, many teachers are opposed to the fact that disciples are all living creatures with corresponding needs. But they cannot forbid going out during the exam. It’s all...

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Should the Failing Universities Be Penalized?


Higher university’s fees have raised students' expectations correspondingly. The level of credibility should be decreased via lowering degree rates of those universities that are not capable of meeting students’ expectations. According to Which? Report, the higher the degree level – the higher the knowledge must be. However, not all highly-appreciated institutions demonstrate enough experience and professionalism In terms of their programs and personnel. In order to increase academic requirements and performance, new standards and special punishment system have to be involved. The lack of information like guides, manuals, textbooks and Internet databases prevents many universities from reflecting their credibility level in full. In addition, no education contract can be signed without approved details. These details must explain each course’s subject and goals clearly. According to the syllabus, the process of learning has to be set. The research was conducted to see how satisfied the students remain after taking particular courses....

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How to Avoid the Three Most Terrible Ways Social Media Can Harm Your Business


For business, social media is a great thing, since it helps communicate with thousands of users and spread information about your brand quickly. However, social media can also do harm to your business if you don’t have a clear understanding of how to use and manage your social media channels. Let’s talk about social media in business, the pitfalls and the ways to avoid them.

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