Top Head Claimed That Money Invested into 'FAD' iPADS Could Have Funded 8,000+ Teachers


In the new age of technologies, many people believe digital devices are able to solve any problems. The educational area is not an exception. Schools have gone crazy by wasting money buying iPads, iPhones and other “shiny gadgets” endlessly. More and more teachers start supporting the idea of digital classes and online learning. Seems like they have nothing against being replaced by some robots. The lack of teachers is getting obvious. A quarter of a billion British pounds a year – doesn’t this number impress? And this amount is spent only to purchase enough PCs. Besa, the educational suppliers’ organization, has proved the shocking statistics. This sum is equivalent to 8,000 teachers salaries or building up fourty secondary schools. National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT) is outraged by this fact. As their head states: “I think we’d be better spending the money on recruiting and training great teachers and sticking...

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No Democracy & Creativity Left for American Students


It seems that today all of the education institutions should start following the policy of democracy and compete freedom. Otherwise, they risk losing more and more students to home-based education. Pity, but most of the school principals still do not get this threat. In addition, they kill all those pieces of creativity left behind the child’s mind. Most of the modern schools were taken under the total control of those who have money. Billionaires around the world began to treat places of education as just another convenient “gold mine” to earn per living. And, once more, the belief that money rules the world was proved. U.S. Department of Education has announced some new regulations born under the influence of rich guys without any honor or humanity. You may think of traditional methods of providing tests and exams to judge students for their scores. This approach still binds higher ed institutions...

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She Made It with Online Education!


Still hesitating if you require any school teachers to pass your admission exams and succeed with higher education? One girl who was dying of attending school on a regular basis decided to do it on her own. Noisy classmates, routine assignments, and dull instructions made her sick and tired of school program. Despite she was about to graduate, she tried to get ready all alone. And it worked! Alexandra Kos is that very special person who invested a bit of ambition and a leap of faith into her home-based self-medication. It all begun with the realization she is not able to gain high enough grades to pass her future admission exams. “Each day I was like playing an academic lottery and waiting with the bated breath for my results to be announced. However, I was not kind of “consistent” student”. “The deal is that my asthma used to act as...

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10 Most Significant Modern Pedagogical Principles


This year British experts identified ten existing innovations, which will have the most significant impact on the world education in the following years. It is interesting to compare whether these forecasts correspond to those provided by the European Commission. MASSIVE OPEN SOCIAL LEARNING This is the second part of the story connected with massive open online courses (MOOC). However, now it has changed from the video lessons concept and transmitting knowledge to as many people as possible to the idea of one universal network focused on collegial learning. The core principle is that the communication is an integral part of any learning. PEDAGOGICAL METHODS BASED ON ANALYTICAL DATA As they say in Knewton, "Now we can easily collect all the information about the learning process." So, why should we rely on our intuition? At the Open University, they expect more tools to track progress which will be implemented in everyday...

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Home-Based Schooling Is Growing Nationwide


U.S. education system has given up. Due to this reason, the amount of homeschoolers grew dramatically over past few years. Since early 2000’s, this number increased by 75%! It means that sooner or later the need for public schools will disappear. A lot of people will lose their workplaces. As for the children, they won’t suffer: not every school is able to provide fast Internet connection. Today, it is impossible to study well without all-time Internet access. That’s number one problem sharply discussed by American government and President Obama in particular. However, speedy Internet connection is not the only issue to solve. Another critical problem is the professional level of current American teachers. Most of them have no idea of how to run basic classes with the help of modern technologies and digital devices. In addition, their teaching methods are pretty out-of-fashion. Forgoing traditional education approach forces more, and more...

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