Why Should I Study IT and Computer Science?


Most probably, you are reading this article on your favorite device. I could be a laptop, smartphone, or a PC. Without elementary skills, you won’t be able to do even this task. Advanced level is required to work with some simple applications without which you will hardly survive in a modern digitized world. A computer degree is not only about applying digital devices in our everyday life – it is also about information processing and computing. So, if you possess a solid background in Language, Management, Math, or Statistics, you will survive the area of IT for sure. Initially, computers were found to accomplish only calculating functions. However, after realizing the most powerful weapon in the world is information, scientists developed computer world to this meaning. Today, the one who owns information wins. By enabling your IT skills, you will be able to complete Accounting, Finances, Marketing, and any scientific...

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Top Celebrity Valedictorians Who Made It Fashionable to Be Smart


It is trendy being smart. Take a look at the market: big “Harry Potter” glasses, ties for both genders and other school uniform elements in clothing, reading non-fiction, watching scientific channels/episodes, minimum of make-up, and passion to smart celebrities. Of course, it all raised some special interest to those celebrities who used to be valedictorians (a top of the class) when studying. "The higher a person's class rank, the more likely they were to report "excellent" or "very good."  © Journal of Health and Social Behavior The Illinois Valedictorian Project provides some persuasive statistics. This one is developed to encourage as many students to participate in active school life and earn higher grades as possible by offering attractive perspectives in return. 81 high-achieving valedictorians follow this program for ten years after graduation. How can you qualify for becoming a high school valedictorian? First and for most, make sure your GPA...

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Wish to Forecast Your GPA? There Is Nothing Easier!


Grade Point Average is one of the basic indicators of a student’s personal academic achievement. It is the average of the grades on all courses with course credit considered. Get Your GPA Score Now Once in a blue moon, you don’t have to guess whether your score is enough to pass the course or take MBA program. To ease your life, we developed this convenient online GPA calculator based on the United States educational system. Most often, GPA calculation is done via 4.0 scale. Don’t you know how to calculate GPA on a 4.0 scale? Our converter transforms each grade you enter to points using U.S. academic scale. Here is a generally accepted formula on how to calculate your GPA: each class points have to be multiplied by the corresponding number of credits or hours for that particular class. Then, they are all added together. That sum is divided by...

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Whoopi Goldberg Joined All Those Against Teacher Tenure


Last week’s episode of The View reflected famous comedian’s approach to the current educational system and level of teaching. K-12 education is a hot potato among celebrities around the globe. While hundreds of teachers come out on the streets to strike against home-based and e-education, some people believe teachers’ permissiveness should be limited. The question is whether computers are capable of replacing real people in full. At least, the machines don’t get at the students, giving preferences to some and ignoring others. Miss Goldberg believes in most of the young teachers’ incompetence. "To me, bad teachers don't do anybody any good. So the union needs to recognize that parents are not going to stand for it anymore," she said. The reaction was rather negative as far as most of the parents believe computers are only destroying childish brain, and the teachers do not accept the fact they may lose their...

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8 More Tips on How to Make Yourself Study Not Just Before the Exam


When you get to the case, you immediately realize an intense desire to eat, sleep, drink, smoke, visit your social page or urgently run to the WC. You know what I’m talking about, don’t you? The problem is that most probably this habit will cause significant problems with the future career. What’s the deal? Think of it: being a highbrow is at the cutting edge now. Do not confuse highbrow with the nerd. A highbrow is that kind of an intellectual who is not possessed by education only. It’s a person who does everything ahead to save more time for leisure later. He studies a bit everyday (at least an hour or a half). This approach seems rational enough, so it becomes more and more spread. We can notice its influences even in clothing and accessories style. Thick-framed glasses, velvet pants, plaid jackets, cardigans, bow tie and suspenders – all...

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