April's Fool: Develop own Prank!


Have you ever watched “Hey, Arnold” episode on April’s Fool? Agree on that Helga’s a genius: pretending you have completely lost your memory because of a collapse with some “football head”… Ha-ha, she always made me laugh. Do you want to impress others by extraordinary and clever jokes instead of dog and pony show? We’ll share the most outstanding pranks of the last decade so that you can mix to come up with your own April Fool’s “innovation”. #1. Get inspired by the donuts. The continuing growth of donut’s popularity makes it easier to get someone bittersweet tricked. Purchase few boxes of donuts (better to go wholesale) from one of the top favorite manufacturers (Royal Donuts, Dino’s, or Krispy Kreme). Replace all of the donuts (eat them, share them with your mom, throw them into your dog, whatever) with the “all-time-favorite” teen’s dish, brussel sprouts. Make sure they are all...

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Behind the Scenes. Divirgent 2: Insurgent


Find out what was left behind the scenes when shooting Insurgent. Are you interested in Veronica Roth own vision of the story? Did you know that she prefers being compared to the author of “Harry Potter” and denies any comparisons with Collins and her “Hunger Games”? Is there a crush between Tris and Four in real life? You would be shocked after reading this article! By the way, if there would be a sexual faction, Shailene would most probably join it instead of challenging all five like Tris did. Find out why! Dystopia and anti-utopia themes are gaining extreme popularity after The Hunger Games release. However, new world-recognized author, Veronica Roth, sees herself rather as an adherent of Joanne Rowling with her “boy who lived” than as a copycat of Suzanne Collins. It’s hard to believe, but the fiction books market is overwhelmed by female authors. It makes no wonder...

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You May Be Tossed away for Poor GPA Score


We all know that GPA of higher than 3.0 is acceptable. But what about the lower limits? Possessing a poor GPA score means a student has to study harder, pay more attention to the weak sides and prepare for admission troubles. However, it’s not the same as tossing the poor kid away from the school. You might not believe it, but such practice exists. By the law, of course, every kid is untouchable and has a right for free elementary and high school education. It works for all public institutions. Actually, all U.S public schools operate under the American Constitution. They also follow the regulations and rules set by the Ministry of Education and authoritative bodies. Fools rush in where angels fear to tread – nothing else can be used to describe the situation with one public charter school. This institution located in San Bernardino decided to dismiss students performing...

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TOEFL ETS Scores Interpretation (iBT & PBT)


Looking for TOEFL ETS scores interpretation? Then, you are in the right place. In the previous article, we briefly explained the essence of TOEFL testing. It is logical that you may be interested in its grading system now. TOEFL is oriented to non-English speaking students. Native speakers are tested in other ways. TOEFL demonstrates your overall knowledge of English, just as any other language test. It consists of four proficiency levels. Be ready with your writing, reading, speaking, and listening skills. Well, at least for the most spread type of examination called TOEFL iBT® Test Scores. As for the grading, here is a clue: reading is up to 30 points. You fail if you get less than 15. You are also considered intermediate English reader with 15-21 points. So, it’s not that hard to achieve at least 22 reading score points to be called a pro.

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TOEFL IBT®: Is It Different from TOEFL?


Don’t be blown away by that ® symbol: iBT only means TOEFL has gone digital. Right, today, students from different parts of the world may pass TOEFL online without buying expensive tickets to U.S. It helps to get the results remotely. Thus, a student coming from, let’s say, Germany or Japan, will know own chances for sure. Right, in a modern digitized world, it is possible to pass the entire application process via Internet. But watch out: be ready that you will face in-person interview after coming to the States. Studying at English-speaking country with further career opportunities sound not only tempting, but real. Thanks to the rapid technological progress, now any student can get prepared for e-exam with the help of e-teaching tools and materials. A student does not have to search on his own: ETS TOEFL Program offers all guidelines and consultancy before passing the test. IN ADDITION,...

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