Earn $160,000 Automatically by Joining Law Program


Harvard Law School students “are doomed” to gain at least $160,000 salary by investing into their higher education. All large firms reported paying that sum of money to their corporate lawyers. According to a new survey conducted by the National Association for Law Placement, 39% of large, prestigious companies (700+ lawyers working for each) announced this average salary expectations for 2015. This is considered an uppermost level. In comparison, it was 12% less in 2014. Acquisitions and mergers, however, worsened this index after 2009. Anyway, both the payment and respect lawyers receive are worth of becoming one in a row. I believe there is a good reason/motivation to study law and business law harder. So, what are the top law schools in the English-speaking society? Yale with $56,200 annual fee Harvard with $55,842 charge Stanford, which made it $54,366 Columbia only ranked number four, but the fee is higher here:...

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Top-7 Preferred Academic Services


It is hard to resist the temptation of getting online help with your assignments when there are so many services available. By ordering a paper written from scratch, you automatically trick your teacher. But who said it is against the law to cheat? :twisted: After all, as the teens, we all need some free time. As you can see, the main difference between our StudentShare and the rest of the similar academic sites is that you can use our essays and research papers as examples, but you still do the work on your own. And it deserves an appraisal. Discover top academic services on the market today! Coursera It’s a profitable company based on educational technology developed by Stanford University. Massive open online courses (MOOCs) were its initiative. Except for offering online subjects from different top universities, Coursera has launched own mobile application to attract more interest to such classes...

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Teachers’ Unions Fight Standardized Testing: What about the Allies?


AFT, American Federation of Teachers, has more than 1,000,000 participants worldwide. There are professors teaching English, Arts, IT, Physics, and Business disciplines all united by one idea: the idea of perfect, modernized, fair educational community. Thus, their core goal for ages is to cancel standards and involve more creativity. However, not all governmental structures and parents support that view. But what are the reasons for teachers and profs to reject tests that were relevant for ages? We can get the advantages of students, but how can this be happening? The fact remains: official teachers’ associations support lobbying the usage of standardized tests (at least, limiting their significance and spread). Laso, they fight for restricting the time spent on those ‘useless’ stuff. Moreover, New Jersey Union has financed the advertising campaign ad meeting in favor of this bill. Perhaps, it is somehow related to the protesters at the Capitol who criticize...

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Study Tips for Final Exams


It is impossible to refresh all the material you’ve studied for more than three months in just one week. Follow these simple tips to pass your final exams without stress.

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An Experiment in Positive Deviance


All teens tend to break rules and social standards. But is it a result of some childish fears, or, vice versa, an act of rebellion? Which defense mechanisms do students use? This research paper will hopefully help you to adapt. Erving Goffman developed his theory of Impression Management to explain people’s desire to stress their strengths and talents in front of others. Some confuse it with boastfulness. To my mind, such behavior can be explained by two factors: a defense reaction and inferiority complex. Breaking social norms is a result of such behavior. Is there a chance of preventing this? The Essence of Defense Mechanism I think that the willingness to show up appears only after being pressed for something. One of the defense mechanisms people automatically apply to the reality or fact is a denial (Scheff). Bad singers do not recognize the fact they’ll never join a famous rock...

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