Popular Hashtags for Your Increased Popularity


Are you one of those kids striving to gain popularity? Popularity is a necessary thing for any teen. If you are not a school basketball player, local band’s guitarist or part of the cheerleading team, you still have a chance to catch up with more famous classmates. And the best way to do so is by spreading your social network influence. Social networks like FaceBook, Twitter, or Instagram are all powerful tools to manipulating people and make them admire you. These channels help to uncover your talent and earn you a deserved appraisal. Hashtags are equally useful for people engaged in business and modern students. Anyway, the same top hashtags work for attracting both business audience and new friends. Are you waiting with the bated breath to hear these five words, five most effective hashtag of all time? Well, off we go! 1) #love (who doubted?) 2) #instagood (which makes...

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Most People with Amnesia Forget All Details of Their Earlier Lives: Myth or Reality


According to the myth of amnesia, all people experiencing problems with their memory usually forget everything including own names after awakening from a coma. The reasons for losing memory can be different but are always caused by some head injury (car accident, falling off, being wounded, consequences of the fight). But in a range of various movies, it all results in the blank slate instead of sober mind. However, such victims experience no difficulties in learning new things. In addition, each time an amnesic gets unconscious for a while, he or she risks losing the recollection of the past life. Finally, there are people who blindly believe another head injury has to follow in order to cure amnesia. Why This Myth Is Popular? I think the primary reason for this myth to be famous is the popularity and universal recognition of movies like “Garden of Lies”, “Santa Who?”, Jason Bourne...

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The Hunger Games: Mockingjay. Part II: Behind the Scenes


Anti-utopia is a relevant genre as for today. It gained its popularity thanks to the trilogy written by Suzanne Collins. It was a some kind of response to Thomas More with his Utopia. And Suazanne’s vision of future world seems more realistic yet tragic. Anyway, we all wait for Katniss Everdeen new journey. We worry about Peeta, but we empathy hunk Gale as well. Whom will Katniss choose? And will the Districts cope with Capitol ruled by too old too cold Donald Sutherland? Perhaps, some episodes and facts behind the scenes will quench your thirst a bit. One by one, fresh videos uncovering the scenes from the "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2" featuring Miss Lawrence and the rest of the cast and crew are coming. The release date is still this year’s November, 15th. Well, from this set of behind the scenes videos, we can guess at least...

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To Be or Not to Be: Pros and Cons of the Presence of Mobile Phones in Schools


This is an ongoing debate across the educational world. This coin has two sides: while one group of teachers and parents (and even some nerds) vote for a full mobile ban, another promotes the usage of mobile devices as a relevant study instrument in terms of highly digitized world. So, as Hamlet hesitated, we now have to guess whether schools have to allow the free use of mobile phones and similar devices? In some educational institutions, students are already authorized to use devices in a restricted form. A couple of days ago, NY Mayor de Blasio lifted a 10-year ban on phones on school premises as the way to reduce social inequality. But barely anyone cannot afford at least a budget Lenovo, Fly, or cheap Samsung smartphone. So this reasoning seems weak enough to suppose Mayor merely tries to avoid cheating. Our resource has conducted a broad study among New...

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10 Worst Ad Campaigns Ever


Frankly speaking, most of the TV commercials seem pretty irritating. Imagine: you’re about watching your favorite “Game of Thornes” episode, but these awful ads come over and over again. As we know, in some states, commercials are not allowed during the show-time. However, they delay the moment we’re waiting for significantly. When ads interrupt the show, it drives us mad. But there is a share of groan-inducing commercials which appear to be a complete failure even in terms of marketing. For some reasons, these “winners” try to distract own customers. Who knows – perhaps, their marketing and promotion team were on knives with their CEOs? The fact remains: they all costed a plenty in time, money, nerves, and consumer goodwill. Meet top controversial, sometimes awful, and ill-advised ads (print and television) of all time. Dear students don’t ever air something like that in case you wish to become a successful marketing specialists...

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