What Can Ordering an Essay Cost You?


Most of the modern students are outstanding slackers. Well, perhaps the one reading this right now prefers ordering from custom writing services instead of solving those creepy math and accounting problems all alone. Or instead of writing that senseless 20-page essay on Kant’s vision of “good will.” But has anyone ever thought about the consequences? “Huh, the only thing I know about “good will” for sure is that it shouldn’t waste my time like those shitty papers do. Who cares how well will I arrange the events of World War II or compose that management case study? I’ll tell you one thing: you do. You just don’t realize the significance of education for your future life yet. C’mon, do you really think mom and dad will live forever and pay for all your whims? Got it wrong. Of course, I hope for the best for you and your parents. But...

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BBA and MBA: Hit It Like You Mean It!


After passing yiour 12th or Higher School Certificate exams, you start thinking of where to go. Right, seems like most teens must already know where they wish to head after their graduation. But,as statistics show, most of the students have no idwa about their further education and future career. Parties and gaming take a plebty of time, no left to decide on much more important questions. Some teens don’t bother with this issue as dar as their parents are the one todecide, which is compeletely wrong. Some are pretyy sure In their childish dream. But some simply don’t know what to do. That’s where a lot of bugs occur in the system. So, we have prepared a series of useful articles with valuable adbices to help you with your final decision. There is no time to think it over, but in the end of the school year, it’s time to...

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Discover 5 Words Your Employers Expect To See!


Do you trust MarketWatch? Don’t you know who these guys are yet? I’ll tell you what: they are financial and marketing geniuses who are aware not only of the latest stock tendencies, but of business news of any types. For instance, they know how to get you a job. Except for providing ratings of the most reliable investment sources, top credible banking entities, and world’s recognized corporations’ stock performance, we have recently posted the most expected words on your resume. Quintessential Career experts also prove the best approach to creating a stunning resume is by enhancing it with the help of particular keywords. But while most of them differ from industry to industry, a set of the words that possess the greatest impact towards HR’s final decision was stated not long ago by MarketWatch long livers. Since 1996, millions of people who managed to get the job included these words...

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High School and College GPA Calculator: How to Interpret Your Grade


While the season’s end is coming closer, it is time to think about your GPA results. Grade point average, so ignored by many students during the entire education program, has a great impact on the future admission process and chances to win a place. The international online GPA calculators you may find at various academic sites like ours work only for some English-speaking countries and their educational institutions. Converting student’s personal GPA to a 4.0 scale is possible as shown on the chart below. DETERMINE WHETHER YOUR CURRENT GPA SCORE IS ENOUGH TO ENTER THE COLLEGE OR UNIVERSITY OF YOUR DREAM! U.S. Universities and colleges report grade point average on a 4.0 scale. So, the highest possible mark is 4.0. It means that while the top grade is an A, the top GPA score equals 4.0. It is the standard generally accepted scale at most higher educational institutions; many...

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Graduate School Admission Exams


The Graduate Record Examination (a.k.a. GRE) is a generally accepted graduate test to evaluate the skills students have earned during the entire educational process. It’s about measuring academic performance as the whole. The test covers almost all subjects. Despite its level and simplicity, the test gains more popularity thanks to the fact the majority of business schools today accept its results. Earlier, it was relevant only to non-business institutions. Still, it is important to check the requirements of the school of your choice. As for the grading policies, a student has to earn no less than 130 points (170 is the upper limit) to pass his GRE. The analytic writing section is the number one challenge for most of the graduates; the scores here variate from 0.0 to 6.0. That’s not all. Candidates also have to perform their knowledge of verbal communications and math. Usually, only half of the examination...

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