UK English vs US English


There are many language pairs that are pretty similar: Spanish and Italian, Finnish and Norwegian, Persian and Dari, Polish and Ukrainian, etc. However, none of them is as similar as two versions of English: British and American. Sure, there are other dialects used by, for instance, Canadians. But these two are the most commonly used and recognized. So, how to avoid confusing situations and misunderstanding when deciding on which form of an English word or proverb to apply? Historically, American population used to speak classical British English. The “split-off point” appeared in the mid 18-th century when the Declaration of Independence was being prepared. To stress their independence from the United Kingdom and Great Britain, in particular, the local population started developing own language rules, forms, idioms, and, as the result, slang. Just such places as NY, Eastern New England, and Coastal South were maintaining classical language for a while....

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Summertime Madness


Most of you have already passed the last exams while the rest is about facing them very soon. Have you written down your application letter? Do not worry: you will hit it! Now, it is time to have a vacation. You really deserve a seaside party or breath of fresh mountain air. It’s up to you to decide whether you would like to visit hot spots and pay Santa a visit. So many options, so limited budgets… With our new rubric dedicated to the most appropriate choice of recreation, you will keep in touch with all the best offers and top discounts. You may put down the country of your dream in comments to this post so that we know for sure what our next review will be about. Every review will be based on the own experience of the members of our team, as well as the leading travel...

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How to Study Any Language on Your Own?


Do you wish to know the difference between “bien” and “bueno”, “ellos” and “ellas”, “der” and “die”? Wanna read the posts by your role models despite the language they are written in? Wish to survive in a non-English speaking country? The only way to do so is to study other languages. We would recommend trying the easiest one, Spanish. You can also choose between the rest of the world’s top demanded languages: German, French, Russian, Chinese, Arabian, etc. It depends only on your desire and life goals. If you do not really want to study another language, don’t even try to: without a sincere desire, all of your attempts will fail. Self-made Girl A teacher is there only to assist and direct students. He cannot force you to learn, but he can motivate and inspire you. If you can find motivation to study at least three times per week on...

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Put Your Death Mask Off!


PASS OUR PSYCHOLOGY IDENTITY TEST TO SEE WHAT CELEBRITY SUITS YOU BEST! We have gathered the phrases of five world-known teen female celebrities. By answering these multiple-choice questions FAIRLY, you’ll get to know your true identity, the way you act without putting on any mask. You can put your results down in the comments so that you can share with other guys and find new friends. Grown-ups, do not hesitate to join your younger colleagues by passing the test too. We are the youth gone wild! These words from well-known Wednesday 13 song suit almost every second girl nowadays. To attract guys, to earn higher grades, to please parents – girls get everything easier. But what if you try to be yourself instead of pretending Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, or Selena Gomez? Why do you think that someone else is better than you and worth copycatting? Copycat is a person...

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Gus Van Sant’s Vision of Columbine


Going to school is not that safe as most of the parents may think. Especially after the row of events followed by the horrible shooting in Columbine where the two initiators, both high school students, committed a suicide after killing some of their innocent schoolmates. Those two headshots marked an epoch of increased security in all educational institutions of the United States. The worst thing is that two guys did not have any motives. Who knows if their dysfunctional behavior was provoked by the cruel shooting games or odious metal bands they were listening to. Anyway, for cinematography, that event opened a range of new ideas and opportunities. From Estonian “Klass” to American “Elephant”, the theme of school violence remains relevant even today. In this article, we will teach you how to analyze movie in details as a part of Visual Arts and Design class. Also, we will explore how...

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