E-safety Expert Explains If There Is a Need for Blocking Porn in School


I guess the guys from “American Pie” would love the idea of this recent news. As E-safety and psychologist team shared, “There is no good reason for blocking porn at school and other educational institutions because almost all of the local students can easily get any forbidden content (images, videos, stories, games) on their mobile devices or tablets in any case. One of e-safety experts has warned it is simply a waste of time. Karl Hopwood had a conversation with private faces on how to fight the online risks for their students. He concluded that all teachers and professors should engage the youngsters into the problems of accessing particular content online instead of giving up. Some students even break the sessions by turning porn out loud directly in-class. It is especially relevant for the universities. His warnings followed a seminar dedicated to online security performed by the Boarding Schools Association...

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How to Start a Narrative Essay?


Got stuck on your introduction to a narrative essay? Check out this short guide on how to write the most appealing introduction ever!

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Where to Find the Best Research Paper Samples?


A research paper is a complex academic assignment which is based on one narrow topic. For instance, if you have to prepare one for your history class, the topic might be World War II. But, as far as this phenomenon is too broad, pick only one issue (Axis attack on the USSR, Adolf Hitler, Invasion of Poland, etc.) If you don’t narrow down your topic, it would take much more time to gather all relevant sources nd analyze each of them. After all, research papers are often limited by their size. You are the half way the battle when you come up with the topic. In case your teacher hasn't prepared good items for you to choose from, you have to do it all alone. I would recommend collecting both Internet and library sources as far as most of the teachers appreciate working with books more than with digital sources....

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Best Friend Day


Have you congratulated your friends on the accounts of International Best Friend’s Day? Well, you still have an opportunity to do so! Despite this holiday dates 8th of June, there is a whole week and entire life to bring our closest pals joy and happiness. Who said that parents and our girlfriends/boyfriends (wives/husbands) are the only people in our life who really cares about our well-being? If you simply don’t have a best friends yet, there is no good reason to lose hope: so many people, so many tastes. Pick the one according to your interests or life goals, but make sure he or she has passed a probation period successfully. We recommend setting the frames of three to six months. As the world operates much faster today, you may lose a plenty of time searching for the true love or loyal long-lasting friendship. By knowing some psychology aspects, it...

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Three Convincing Benefits of Purchasing a Franchise


As a student of business program, you might have already thought about launching own company. There is a range of benefits of working for yourself: higher profits, less rules, no risks of being fired, and an endless room for imagination. After all, you can finally implement own innovative idea into real life. Who knows: perhaps, you can achieve the heights of Bill Gates with his Microsoft one day. But don’t hurry up purchasing a separate premise, expensive equipment, receiving a license, and facing more tricky challenges. It’s time to think about up-to-date method of getting good money with the minimum costs, investments, time and nerves. You might think of operating as a franchiser. The whole job is done for you: all you need is a branch of fresh interesting ideas. Read this article to discover the advantages of buying a franchise. One may find hundreds of definitions, but the essence...

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