Back To The Moon For Good – The New Space Race


It’s not a joke any longer – Google is really shooting own epic, special effects-laden documentary in response to the TV series titled Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey. Its reality show ‪Back To The Moon For Good – The New Space Race, is just another part of the company's Lunar XPrize Contest, which is designed to motivate competing teams from different parts of the world to land a spacecraft on the moon and take photo proves of this journey. The debates around $30 mln. prize make sense as building a space ship on your own may cost far more than $30 mln. That’s why many people keep arguing this is nothing more than one more advertising campaign. Many watchers do not trust it is a documentary at all. 

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Is Love the Right Chemistry?


Last week, a close friend of mine has protected a huge sociology dissertation dedicated to the concept of love and its types. Being a rather pragmatic person, he decided to focus more on the chemical essence of this most contradictive phenomenon. Perhaps, all we feel for our parents, girl/boyfriends, best friends, and pets is nothing more than interdependence and a set of chemical reactions. It's all in your head. One said that any human being is selfish, but the history knows thousands of examples when one sacrificed own life to save a beloved creature. So, are you that kind of person who still believes that love is just another wonder? Or is scientific approach winning? The article “Love: The Right Chemistry” by Anastasia Toufexis critically observes the concept of love from the scientific point of view. This editor was inspired by the famous speech of Greta Garbo from “Ninotchka”. The...

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Application Letter: How It Matters


“What the hell is application letter? Do I need it at all?” Well, in case you are dreaming of a prestigious job, high revenues, and wealthy family, you do. You may call it whatever: application, admission, CV, “unnecessary sh*t of paper…” But once your request will be denied, you’ll get its significance. The requirements for all universities differ, but the only common thing is an application letter. Except for high overall GPA, you will need to perform own skills, knowledge, life goals, and value you can bring to a particular educational institution. Colleges are expecting less than universities, so you have to invest more attempts into accomplishing your university admission package. We would not recommend you lying through your teeth, but it you can mention some abilities you have not yet mastered in full which are required by the particular university. Reading the rules and objectives of every university and...

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The Best Party Cities: Must-see Places for Every Student


We keep sharing our impressions from visiting various countries. What is the most fun movie you can think of right now? Perhaps, it is famous EuroTrip movie where each of the four guys got into trouble because of getting overdrunk, sexually raped, and robbed. The irony of this movie has saved the image of Netherlands. Anyway, there is nothing to be afraid of. Just as with Bratislava, the authors have gone out with a bang. On the whole, Europe is far safer. It opens its gates welcoming Americans, Asians and Africans friendly. Besides, it is not that expensive. When choosing the best recreation options for you, we have evaluated the pros and cons of attending Amsterdam this summer. Ready with your exams and application letters? Amsterdam: A Red Light District While most of the students pick Amsterdam as their destination are striving to try local marijuana (which is not that...

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The Meaning of a Warranty and Its Usage


Most of the students misunderstand the meaning and essence of insurance and warranties. While we are young and restless, we don’t see a point in paying for insurance or purchasing a warranty when buying a smart device or car. In this brief overview, we tried to answer some of the commonly met questions regarding this issue. Have you got the warranty for that brand new bike? A warranty is one of the contract’s elements which refers to a guarantee that provides legal confidence by one party to another that certain circumstances will occur. According to the Federal Acquisition Regulation, any warranty should outline the rights of the Government and the contractor and foster quality performance. Which of the parties, the contractor or the Government, should receive more benefits from the warranty issue? Two Types of Warranties Two types of warranties are generally accepted by the Government. Those are express and...

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