StudentShare Top-10 Hot Summer Tracks


After conducting an independent research, we have collected all recent (and a couple of older) videos to blast you up during this summer heat. It does not matter if you prefer calm, relaxing tunes, ballads, shaking up or partying hard at the rock gigs - you will find at least half of this chart quite attractive. As usually, you can post your comments or add own tracks on our FaceBook official page or directly at our Wordpress Blog. We wish you the best rockin's summer ever. BECAUSE YOU DESERBE IT! See You Again by Wiz Khalifa Featuring Charlie Puth Genre: Rap Country: U.S. Looks like the spirit of 50 Cent is living in this guy! Chasing the Sun by Hilary Duff Genre: Pop Country: U.S. Post-Disney star has just released her new album to cheer you up. Bad Blood by Taylor Swift Featuring Kendrick Lamar Genre: Pop,...

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Health and Safety Program Management: Incidents Prevention


Before entering into the industry of medicine and health care, it is crucial to gain necessary knowledge on safety management. First and for most, any incident commander has to evaluate the situation and the level of its potential damages. Before starting an operation, all of the endangered occupants must be saved, the injured victims have to be treated. It is necessary that all of the participants initiate and control the communications process. Only through meaningful communication, an Incident Command can be organized properly. Thus, an Incident Action Plan (IAP) should be carried out. On-scene personnel is a critical strategic unit, so a good leader has to provide its safety. A commander has to make sure outside agencies know their roles. Post-Incident Analysis and Its Meaning Post-Incident Analysis (PIA) is one of the...

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Leggy Hilary Duff Promotes Her Upcoming Album on GMA


All-time favorite teen star “Lizzie McGuire” is back on the board! And looks like she is finally getting slimmer after her last pregnancy. She impressed public with her slender and carnival-colored mini shorts. She’s got what to show! Except for her appearance, the audience was pleased to hear a song from her up-coming release titled Breathe In, Breathe Out. This “daddy’s girl” remains kind-hearted and one of the most exemplary female singers as opposed to shocking Miley Cyrus, Taylor Momsen, and Lady Gaga. She has betrayed neither of her principles and is still heavily involved in charity. She landed on the board of Good Morning America to share her enthusiasm about her soon come-back and deliver a piece of happiness to everyone by presenting her son Luca. She is 27 already, but everyone admits she still has a face of an angel. As usual, she was shining, posing with fans,...

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Benefits of Obtaining a Medical Degree


Currently, various medical degrees are among top demanded courses of life. Even registered nurses are highly appreciated. Receiving a degree is not the end of your journey. Vice versa, your career trip only begins. Just as we promised, we continue our blog about the most respected and highly paid fields and particular positions. No matter if you are only planning to enter some university/college, gaining your degree now, or preparing to graduate, this set of useful articles will point to the opportunities you might never thought about. Before making any decision, it is crucial to arrange your priorities. Sit down and come up with the list of things you wish to obtain from your position. Would it be social benefits, career growth, communications, or salary? Think carefully by evaluating each pros and cons. Recall all your life goals not to miss a thing. So, watch out for your career perspectives...

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How to Travel Light Without Heavy Costs


Most of the students associate traveling with buying a ticket. But having a trip of your dream does not necessarily require any financial investments. The only thing you need for sure is a good mood along wth the strong desire to reach new heights. Do U? First and for most, studying a foreign language is the top open gate to going abroad. There is no wonder the knowledge of foreign language makes you take in the sights of all countries that speak this language. It makes you stay on the wave with the adolescents of Germany, Russia, or China because the knowledge of language involves the understanding of local culture, history, and traditions. In addition, it is the best way to impress your parents and friends. – a social network created for people search. But we are not talking about just some girl-next-door: we mean potential private teachers who...

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