Breakfast on Pluto: The Concept of Pussy’s Love


Have you watched Breakfast on Pluto starring Cillian Murphy and Liam Neeson based on the same-titled book by Patrick McCabe? Did you taste the passion of asexuality and the common sense of rejecting your gender? No? Then you still have a time to do that! Breakfast on Pluto reveals the essence of its main character, Pussy Braden, through four basic aspects. The first issue is the bizarre nature of her parentage. The second feature is defined by being a bombing suspect. Third, her attempts to find the mother. Finally, her will to search for love. Pussy’s identity is basically represented by the last element, being in love, which describes her nature as rather controversial. From the very beginning of the story, Pussy is shown as a very charming, sensitive, but at the same time sexual female. Well, actually a transwoman, but let us define the main character as “she”. On...

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Meet Our Up-Grades!


Hey there, guys! We kept silent for a while, so it’s time to sum up the latest achievements and up-grades of our student-friendly website. We are happy to inform you on our significantly expanded database of the top-quality essays, research papers and case studies. During the last month, our team has added more than 30,000 new study materials for your increased academic performance. We would like to remind that you can download papers on different subject for free. You will find all complexity levels: from high school to university. Don’t worry about the format: they are all done accurately in MLA, APA, Chicago, etc. We have also inserted more media like videos for your fun and education. You will find more interactive news soon on our blog. In addition, you can always turn to our GPA calculator and tests to check your current performance and chances to win a place...

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The Best Ways to Take Notes


One of the most typical reasons for many students to fail with passing some tests is the absence of appropriate lecture notes. In case you proofread your class notes several times before the exam just to earn “F” or “D”, you should think about changing your summarizing strategy. Frankly speaking, a lot of people live their entire lives without mastering the ability to take notes in full. So, there is no wonder that, according to the Department of Education, more than 25% of students fail their attempts to earn at least “C” because of having hard times with reading and interpreting own notes. 

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Attributes of the Healthcare Professionals


Are you in the process of gaining a medical degree? Do you wish to know what features are associated with a professional healthcare provider? Then, this article is for you. Mind these recommendations for your further education and career. By the way, did you know that such occupations as physicians, registered nurses, surgeons, and dentists are among top ranking perspectives for all those students with medical degrees? Communication skills make the interaction among professionals and patients efficient. Every healthcare professional must gather as many details from the patient and his family as possible in order to draw a complete medical record of the particular disorder. It seems quite challenging as far as it is hard for many people to speak up. Besides, this attribute is also about building loyal relationships. Among all professional attributes mentioned in Chapter 4,...

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Globalization: Pros and Cons


In the age of technological progress, there is no wonder West takes over East. Eastern and Southern ideology is based on the “human-nature” principle, spiritual basis, customs, and traditions. From the moral and ethical point of view, this approach is more pure and human. However, to survive in today’s harsh business world, the one has to deny the basic ethical principles and change to the Western thinking. In the case we were given, I would rather support Jane’s cynical view of the world rather than Sam’s naïve expectations. To realize the significance of Western civilizations and its investments into the world’s overall development, it is crucial to understand the meaning of globalization. Globalization is no more than the movements of investments and businesses beyond local (national) markets abroad. This process leads to the general increase in the international communications between various markets. Probably, the debates around this issue could be...

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