Ready for the Next Portion of YouTube Most Watched Videos?


This week you could observe an unexpected piano improvisation by some old mister along with all up-coming blockbusters of this summer. So, have you watched Arney’s return already? Blockbuster #1: Homeless Makes Piano Sound  There are a plenty of homeless men and women around our country. But some of them possess as many skills and talents as a wealthy community. Moreover, these people are, as a rule, the depository of generosity and kindness. They love delivering happiness and sharing good mood with the rest of the population. Just like this old guy with an incredible music talent. This unexpected prodigy impressed all the people walking down the street with his emotional performance. Perhaps, he was simply running out of luck after the repression as he looks rather intelligent despite the scruffy appearance and leanness. How comes he is still here, not accompanying Steve Wonder or Elton John somewhere in...

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N Reasons to Major in Psychology Today


All people know about Psychology Majors is that it turns a student either into psychologist or psycho and has nothing to do with counseling patients on their real problems. It is widely believed you can hardly find a job in this field, but if you do, you automatically receive high wages for doing almost nothing. Well, at least many media and motion pictures like “Freaky Friday” make a laugh out of this position. Remember the phrase “And how do you feel about that?” Jamie Lee Curtis heroine provided Lindsay Lohan with “valuable” advice before the sessions. I don’t think you would earn pretty much by simply nodding and drawing pictures in your notebook. First of all, it is critical to understand how many Psychology Majors are out there. The American Psychological Association has all the answers. Psych Major is believed to be one of the top ranking degrees during the...

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The Austrian Oak: Genisys


Many people were waiting with the bated breath for the return of famous wrestler, actor, athlete, and governor in one face known as The Austrian Oak or Iron Arney. A lot think that most of the episodes starring Schwarzenegger in this year’s release features scenes from the original movies. But, as the Premier has already shown (CIS has watched the movie on the 1st of July), the fifth part has nothing to do with the previous four. No, I don’t mean the plot. I mean the old actors and moments. So, don’t worry: you will enjoy a completely new vision with a little feedback. After all, you can always catch a nostalgia by watching the first two movies. Sarah Connor is always there, waiting for you, regardless of what part you are watching. You may now wonder why there were no original scenes included in the film. From the very...

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Find Out How to Earn Money in Summer!


It may be hard to combine education with work, but you can always catch up with your more wealthy friends by finding a summertime job. You can select a seasonal or part-time job – just mind that the second option requires more time and nerves. Besides, it can distract you from studying. The good thing is that you don’t need any special skills or solid experience when applying for most of the seasonal jobs. You just have to be healthy and willing to work. Almost everyone can learn quickly how to cook fast meals, take care of a child, mix cocktails, or clean a pool, right? So, what are you waiting for? Isn’t it great to feel free and financially independent from your parents? Isn’t it great to buy whatever you want without counting your money convulsively after every small purchase? The article is a short guide for all those...

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6 Flirting Moves to Avoid


Summer is the beginning of new relations for many people. No more time to cry after your last break-up – c’mon, you can handle this! Pick your best dress in flowers and put on your high heels. Be Straightforward Well, there are two sides of the coin. In case you wish to have one-time sex or short-lasting holiday romance, you may avoid being obvious. Remain a secret if you wish, but don’t make a complete fool out of the guy. Some guys simply hate playing those games – they hope to meet a sincere, childishly naïve girl with beautiful dreams and large hopes. Since you are wearing your bikini, there is nothing t worry about – he will eat it. Every man likes woman body. Showing off your assets like your average salary or past relations is not the best tactics, but try to avoid keeping silent and pretend you...

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