6 Life Stories from the Kindest Hollywood Actor Ever


Keanu Reeves is famous for his softie nature despite his combat roles. One of the articles published by WonderZine magazine has appealed to our hearts, so we decided to share the amazing facts from this always-looking-sad Hollywood’s Neo. Sure we can judge only by those stories published on the web, but I hope that they did not appear out of anywhere. We are goin’ to tell ya everything we have learned about Reeves, who is unjustly considered as the most depressed person in American cinematography. Keanu and the film set The most famous shooting story happened during "The Matrix" epoch. After the success of the first movie, the actor has decided to abandon part of his potential earnings, which, according to the estimates, resulted into approximately $80 million. He did it in favor of the troop working on the special effects and costumes. Reeves believed those guys deserved just the...

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11+ Tricks to Stay Home Instead of Going to School or College


Stay-home from school excuses have evolved during the past decade. However, there are still some techniques that work for almost every teacher or parent. We have collected the responses of 3,000 students from top US high schools to see what they come up with in case they wish to take a break in the middle of the academic week. These tips really work! The scratchy voice can be a clue. But it works only in case you are a good actor and know how should you sound when your lungs are not doing okay. Some guys smoke more ahead to initiate the required low voice. Pretending you’ve caught a cold is a similar one. Laughing out loud is, in fact, an easy thing, so I would recommend practicing this method in favor of simple “wheeze.” There are also some ways to raise your body temperature without any consequences. Another hint...

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Discover Why Your Best Friend Annoys You So Much. Part I of Our Fun Test


Earlier, you used to share the same opinion regarding almost every single thing (from the latest Justin Bieber’s single to those ugly purple shoes of Lady Gaga). Both of you feared the same exams and helped the rest of the class to cheat behind your Math teacher. You lived under one roof without any conflicts for a while. You have never won the guy from each other. But something went wrong… You may wonder what the reason for your break-up is, but you’ll never know for sure. Well, you still might be friends, but the desire to kill him/her sometimes makes you worry. You feel the difference in preferences, and shaped outlook are not the causes. Well, perhaps our first self-made friendship tests based on the latest psychological researches will give you the clue. So, are you ready to hear the truth? We have covered four possible dimensions that can...

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Meet the New Suicide Squad Trailer in HD! The premiere is in august 2016.


Now the trailer of the Suicide Squad is finally available on the web! And we must say, the most creeping us out part of this piece is Jared Leto's eyes. This movie is expected to be really cool, guys!    

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Top-2 Weight-Loss Tips


Don’t trust those guys who say they dislike too much slim girls. And especially do not trust those girls telling it does not matter whether the guy has a well-trained body or a “beer belly” like Homer Simpson. The rules of the fashion game changed over time. Today, both genders prefer partners with hot slim bodies instead of the cellulite jumble. Unless you weigh 1036 lbs like world’s fattest woman Mayra Rosales, you have a pretty chance of getting the body you have always dreamt of by following these simple summer diet tips. I’ll tell you one thing for sure from the very beginning: you will not lose weight by doing sports only. If you eat the same amount of the same caloric food, you will only provide your body with elasticity. But the weight and fat will remain. In case you have an acceptable burden, there is no need...

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