How Can O.D. Help?


Job loss does not arise any physical pain. It influences only human emotions which, however, can result in the severe mental disorder like neurasthenia or elsewhat. As a rule, the top emotions employees being fired due to the downsizing experience are disbelief, anger, depression, bargaining, and a strong feeling of injustice. Massive layoffs may be caused by the company’s temporary inability to pay wages. A tough O.D. professional must be experienced enough to point at the reasons such as a financial crisis or inflation in order to help people reconcile. When something like this happens, it is necessary to play the role of both good counselor and educated psychologist. Need some help with your BBA or MBA? Download and observe our Organizational Development and Human Resources essays and research papers for free to get ready with your homeworks and exams. First and for most, it is important to be...

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Discover Why Your Best Friend Annoys You So Much. Part II of Our Fun Test


Hey, guys! Hopefully, this time you’ll figure out the primary reason for the mutual misunderstanding with your (best) friend. Let me remind you of the test’s beginning and goal… Earlier, you used to share the same opinion regarding almost every single thing (from the latest Justin Bieber’s single to those ugly purple shoes of Lady Gaga). You lived without any conflicts for a while. You have never won the guy from each other. But something went wrong… You may wonder what the reason for your break-up is, but you’ll never know for sure. Well, perhaps our first self-made friendship tests based on the latest psychological researches will give you the clue. So, are you ready to hear the truth? We have covered four possible dimensions that can be the reasons for your misunderstanding. Those are ENVY, JEALOUS, AWKWARD AGE, and THE FEELING OF GUILT. Now, as the test is complete,...

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Intel as the Multinational Corporation


Intel is known thanks to its competitive working environment, high-qualified engineers, impressive social packages, and preferable stock options. As for today, it is one of the largest and most influential semiconductors around the world. This multinational corporation has a number of characteristics which explain its success, loyalty and profitability. Going globally might be a bit easier for IT or construction company, but still is is a big work. MNC (multinational corporation) assumes something large-scale and long-term. Ther first feature of Intel, which catches an eye, is its massive production on the international level. Cross-cultural activities usually involve active research and development. Without searching for new alternatives and innovations, it is impossible to survive foreign markets. Intel possesses a range of progressive R&D facilities across the world. This multinational feature is supported by the continuing personnel trainings on economic and political factors that might have an impact on the company. Before...

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Grab Your New Portion of 5 Hottest YouTube Videos


The Art of Make-Up Make-up is a whole science which can turn one beautiful. No matter if you have a kind heart just like Ugly Betty – you won’t succeed with the ugly face and damaged skin. Just accept this severe reality and stop solacing yourself – go and get that fucking make-up NOW! Watch this video to persuade you. “Three months ago, I began posting images of myself without makeup on social media. The following film contains real comments that were left on images of my face.”A Little Bit of Music Golden Touch with its upcoming album titled Genic is ready to blast you up. For all those out of time, out of mind: Golden Touch is a Japanese female singer working with such genres as alternative and indie rock. You might enjoy her original approach and vision. This psychedelic video won’t leave anyone indifferent. A true...

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Older Adult Client Response


Counselors around the world have to assist old people in getting all they need per living. Aging policies are the first thing to study before setting off as a counselor. It is impossible to support adult clients without knowing human rights and corresponding laws by heart. TAKING CARE OF OLDER PEOPLE - WHAT CAN BE MORE NOBLE? First, victimization and abuse must be addressed. The number of elderly people experiencing physical abuse is dramatic. They are looking for the best medical treatment, so it’s up to counselors to assist them. Another issue which disturbs elderly people is continued employment. Some companies do not allow their employees to keep working after reaching the particular age. So, the counselor has to make sure the job is risky for elderly people’s health, and no human rights were violated. Workplace accommodations is another interrelated item to observe. Disability is an extremely important problem that...

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