Miss America 2015 Gets Flak over Plastic Red Cup


The new Miss America coming from New York has shared some secrets of her success that has nothing to do with her famous winning little red cup. While numerous social media users continue to pan Kira Kazantsev for plastic cup usage during the talent stage of beauty contest finale in Atlantic City, she doesn’t give up. New Miss America seems cheerful and full of energy. Kazantsev says she realizes the responsibility she obtained after performing Pharrell Williams’ “Happy.” Tapping a cup on the floor was exactly what she wanted to do. “There are so many more important issues in this world that people should be worried about than my plastic cup,” she told the AP Monday morning after taking the traditional dip in the Atlantic City surf the morning after winning the crown. “However, like Miss America, everything I do is scrutinized and I understand that. That’s part of...

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8 Best Math Tattoes Ever ❤


We’ve been really enjoying Carl Zimmer’s Science Tattoo Emporium — a blog dedicated to showing science-based tattoo art. Here are the best tattoos posted on his site and it's math formulas. So, that's what is trendy and awesome among math geeks and, well, sometimes it helps on finals ;)  All Values (from Zero to Infinity) are Less Than Love Math Lip Tattoo Elliptic Partial Differential Equations Quadratic Formula  Schroedinger’s Equation for the Wavefunction of a Particle  Y Combinator.  Our favourite is 2nd picture, and yours? :)

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6 World’s Most Successful College Dropouts


Have you ever thought of dropping out of college? People often think that it would lead to disaster, such as unemployment, poverty, and social doom. Not necessarily. Higher education goes with a number of problems too: high tuition costs, student debt, or a simple lack of determination in students. So does everyone really need education? Can one become successful without graduating from a college? Here’s a list of top 6 university dropouts who have nailed it without getting a degree first. Bill Gates In 1975, Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard University, after just two years of studying there. In the same year he founded Microsoft together with his friend Paul Allen. Needless to say how the company has evolved since then. Bill Gates was named the richest man in the world by Forbes 16 times in a row. Right now his personal wealth is estimated at $79.2 billion. What’s...

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Last 5 Most Original YouTube Hits: Be Creative!


This week I would discuss the strategy for creating creative and original videos for your YouTube channel. Don’t you wanna make some money instead of posting foolish, senseless clips just to fill-in? Learn how some of the smartest guys earn good money with the help of this world’s number one video portal by observing last week’s Top-5 most creative videos. We try to do our best to collect and post only the most interesting and yet edifying videos for all our students. We are interested in both your raised academic performance and career progress. So, starting shooting profitable video and promotion clips may be the first step to success. If you are interested in Visual Arts and Film Studies essays and research papers (as well as other subjects), you can always get a plenty of them for free from our site. Going behind the scenes is always fun. Just think...

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5 Languages You Definitely Have to Learn in Modern World


Still haven’t chosen your secondary (or, perhaps, third) language to study during the upcoming educational year? Wish to attend some language courses? There is a nice opportunity to dedicate this summer to personal development and continuous self-actualization by learning new languages. The world is changing, and the days when we had to know only one language are long gone. Everyone should know at least one more, but how should you decide which language is the best to learn? Which one is the most demanded in a business environment? Although many countries speak English, others possess state and non-state languages. You may wonder. But our mother tongue is not leading. The reason is the reduced demand and interest due to its frequency. After analyzing several business resources and employment sites, we would like to offer 5 to required languages that may add up to your future career, travel or life...

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