Basic Research Tips for Academic Writing


We have gathered some useful tips to help in your research and writing of winning academic papers. Explore and use them to find research and writing approaches that suit you best!

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Comic Characters that Last in Audience Memory


The first sitcom with ingenuous comic characters coming to my mind is definitely Friends. I re-watched each episode at least 5 times and not once I was bored or tired with amazing and sincere jokes. It is incomparable to any sitcom I’ve watched. So what’s the secret in 20+ year-old popularity of a show that still gathers millions of viewers every year?

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5 Ways of Using Social Media to Improve Your Career


Social media is a part of our everyday life. Most people start their mornings with browsing news on Facebook, while others love to show off their new clothes on Instagram, or share their new jokes or important thoughts on Twitter.

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Enron Documentary


Hey, guys! I just wanna share my impressions about one of the latest documentaries I have watched. Hopefully, this will inspire you to study business ethics deeper. Remember: it is hard to survive in modern highly competitive business environment without following certain “rules of the game”. This documentary is focused on the business ethical issues of known company, Enron. It faced the first scandal in 1987. Two executives got into some market swindles by skimming cash into offshore accounts, running double books, and gambling with Enron's finances. A visit to the Congressional lawsuit ended up with the minimal sentences for both. It’s just “the projection of the long-term income is overly optimistic and inflated” (Li, 2010). Later in the film, Enron turns from an energy producer into the trader. It becomes an exchange floor where people could buy and sell energy illegally. We observe corruption and truth-telling issues. CHECK THESE...

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Illusion: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah


Richard Bach presents the idea of life spreading beyond what is known as restrictions imposed by the human physical body. The entire book focuses on the journey and observations of two different pilots flying their biplanes. They wish to explore things from various perspectives by achieving particular destinations.

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