Five Factors of Success during Your First Job Interview


Interviews can and will be stressful, especially if you are doing it for the first time in your life. Here are a few recommendations that will help you succeed

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How to Get the Best Exam Result with a Red Power Suit?


What is a Red Power Suit and how can you benefit from it at your exam or the first job interview? Here's the article with four main types of power suits and the best recommendations what to wear for an important event in your life. 

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5 Dumbest Pre-Exam Superstitions


Stop wasting your time on the stupidest superstitions some students still believe. Here are top 5 habits even the smartest students follow to bring luck and get the highest grade at the exam. Do you have one of them in your own list of superstitions?  

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Black Friday Tips For Students


Are you ready for this month's Black Friday? Because if you are not, you can't get through this without a set of safety and shopping rules! Study them before you enter the mall of your dream and you'll make the best purchases.

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New University Opened in California. But Where Are All the Teachers?


Want to become a developer but can't afford to pay for such education? Enter 42 university where are no teachers but students who share their knowledge and background. 

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