10 Best Creative Writing Prompts


Does your inspiration play hide-and-seek with you again? Don't waste a minute on its return, prompt it with these 10 best creative writing ideas from the best experts in inspirational writing.

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Employability Ranking by University: Make Sure You Will Get a Job after Graduation


What university will be the best choice for your successful employment? No one can give a 100% guarantee except for a think tank QA which reveals its ranking by top universities. 

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How to Write a SAT Essay?


How to write a SAT essay? This article will try to answer this question providing you with useful and helpful data. 

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5 Signs Someone is Trying to Manipulate You


Even if you aren’t a naïve person, but feel uncomfortable communicating with some people, they might manipulate you. Know for sure discovering 5 most widespread habits of manipulators.

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YouTube Top 10 Most Viewed Educational Videos


What are the most viewed videos this year and what can you learn from the most popular TED Talks? Find out how to apply them in your life and studying. 

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