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Properties and Potential Benefits of Methane Hydrates - Term Paper Example

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This work looks into the potential forms of energy - methane hydrates. They mostly occur in the Arctic and coastal regions. Even been known to be potential sources of energy and pollutant, the gas requires a study of its formation, properties, and potential benefits…
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Properties and Potential Benefits of Methane Hydrates
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Download file to see previous pages As the demand for sustainable sources of energy continues to rise globally, the scientist has been prompted to search for renewable and alternate energy resources. Among the commonly explored forms is coal bed methane in coal seams, gas in shale and gas hydrates deposited on the ocean floors and in permafrost areas in the kind of ice-like structures. Due to their massive deposits envisaged globally, these hydrates could be the alternative, unconventional energy resources. The gas hydrates are white, crystalline, ice-like substances made up of a methane atom that is encapsulated in a cage of water molecules. Though they are often linked to propane, butane, carbon (IV) oxide, and hydrogen supplied, the hydrates are typically rich in methane. They are located in the permafrost and at the periphery of the world where the methane concentration goes beyond its solubility limit. Usually, the gas hydrates formation stems from the high pressure of between 8 -30 Mpa coupled with a low temperature of between 10-20 degree Celsius in shallow sediments. Trapped methane in hydrates and free natural gas below the hydrate-bearing sediments is found in massive volumes.
The common name of methane hydrates is catharses. The element is an ice-like compound that holds methane in a crystalline cage-like structure that originates from water molecules, as earlier described. Methane hydrates are unique sedimentary minerals that occur in the continental shelf regions and the Arctic regions. Hydrates are chemical or minerals that have water bound within their chemical structure (Best, et al, 2013). As such, methane hydrates are an assemblage of molecular methane moles that are linked within the crystalline lattice formed by the water molecules. The compound is widespread in regions of permafrost such as Arctic and sediments along the continental areas. The continental margins are characterized by high pressure-temperature conditions that are optimal for their formation. In the form, the methane hydrates are potential energy sources of higher magnitudes relative to other known hydrocarbon deposits. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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