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The Influence of the Nature of a Liquid on its Rate of Evaporation - Research Paper Example

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This experiment will test the hypothesis that different liquids have different rates of evaporation even when other factors of influence remain constant. This can happen since liquids are made up of different molecules, different in the amount of attraction that exists between them…
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The Influence of the Nature of a Liquid on its Rate of Evaporation
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Download file to see previous pages This paper tells that an experiment of examining the influence of surface area can be done using the containers with different radii. Another experiment to examine the impact of temperature can be carried out by exposing the liquid to evaporation in different temperatures. Let us consider three liquids, namely, Acetone, Benzene and Chloroform for our experiment which we test if have different degrees of volatility. We take three identical clean and dry measuring flasks Fa, Fb and Fc. We pipette out 20 ml each of the liquids acetone, benzene and chloroform respectively to these measuring flasks. We take care, in exposing the liquids to the external environment as little as possible, by immediately closing the lids as we pipette out the liquids. We weigh each of the measuring flasks and note down the initial weights, in kg, Wa, Wb and Wc. we now place the three measuring flasks in a constant lab temperature zone and simultaneously open the lids from the three measuring flasks and start the stop clock too. Here in the setup, the nature of the liquid, which we assumed to have an influence on the rate of evaporation of a liquid, is the independent variable. By using the identical measuring flasks and the lab temperature, we have kept the variables, surface area, temperature and time controlled. According to our hypothesis, the rate of evaporation is the dependent variable. After 30 minutes, close the lids of the three measuring flasks simultaneously, measure the final weights of the three measuring flasks and note down the weights as Wa1, Wb1, and Wc1. Now having taken down the initial and final weights, calculate the difference between them, the amount of liquid evaporated in 30 minutes, (Wa-Wa1), (Wb-Wb1) and (Wc-Wc1), in kg. Divide the difference by time period, 1800 s, to obtain the rate of evaporation of the three liquids. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The Influence of the Nature of a Liquid on Its Rate of Evaporation Research Paper)
The Influence of the Nature of a Liquid on Its Rate of Evaporation Research Paper.
“The Influence of the Nature of a Liquid on Its Rate of Evaporation Research Paper”, n.d.
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