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Using Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer - Assignment Example

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The paper presents using CFRP (Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer), that composites for car body structural applications have several advantages over traditional metallic components. First, CFRP technology has tensile strengths higher than traditional metallic materials do…
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Using Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer
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"Using Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer"

Download file to see previous pages CFRP technology expands less when exposed to intense or extremely low amounts of thermal energy than traditional metallic materials. Car bodies made of CFRP technology will endure high and low-temperature fluctuations without expanding or contracting in contrast to those made of traditional metallic components such as aluminum or steel (Huber, 2010, p. 12).
Third, CFRP technology is light in terms of mass because of their low densities. Unlike steel and aluminum, CFRP composites have the extremely high strength to mass ratios. In automobile body structural design, it is paramount that the external architecture is extremely low in energy usage, thereby raising energy efficiency. Vehicles with CFRP composites can reach high speeds within a shorter time while using minimal energy and still maintain a great deal of its shape after an impact unlike those with bodies of traditional metallic components (Huber, 2010, p. 12). Fourth, CFRP technology has excellent durability. Aluminum and steel in vehicle body structures weaken quicker than CFRP technology because of their inferior fatigue features. When the vehicle is under tension of repeated usage, the CFRP body maintains sturdiness and even shape. High durability leads to decreased life cycle expenses for users of CFRP technology (Deng, 2008, p. 2).
Dan Carney argues ways anisotropy relates to composite materials and metallic materials, as well as ways to minimize this issue by studying Ferrari. Using CFRP technology in vehicle production is hard in contrast to manufacturing custom race vehicles, very low capacity, and costly automobiles. This difficulty leaves room for aluminum although vehicle designers and manufacturers acknowledge CFRP composites as the perfect blend of strength and mass. Carney uses Ferrari as a case study of the trouble with CFRP. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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