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Entrepreneurial Approach to Profit and Social Responsibility - Literature review Example

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This review "Entrepreneurial Approach to Profit and Social Responsibility" discusses the two leading entrepreneurs, Rich Gorman, and Adi Saravanan to determine their entrepreneurship approach in relation to profit and social responsibility and the ideas into an economic resource…
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Entrepreneurial Approach to Profit and Social Responsibility
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Extract of sample "Entrepreneurial Approach to Profit and Social Responsibility"

Download file to see previous pages Entrepreneurship is about risk-taking, seen an opportunity where others are not able to see it and taking advantage of the opportunity. Adi Saravanan and Rich Gorman are such leading and successful entrepreneurs who saw an opportunity where other people around them were not able to see. They took all the risks involved in the business and financial undertakings to venture and later emerged successful and became millionaires as a result of good entrepreneurship.

Adi Saravanan, an engineer by profession, graduated from the University of Bharathiyar, developed an interest in being a successful entrepreneur as a result of the opportunities’ he saw in the business world when working in the financial department of Samar Financial Limited. Adi Saravanan also holds a degree in Business and Financial Management from the University of Periyar and Masters from the same university. His hard work made him get a promotion to market the products of the company. He later got another job at Ashok Leyland finance limited where he worked within the financial and treasury departments. He had a lot of interest in finance and information technology that made him co-find a company named Allsec Technologies where he is the Chief Executive officer. This company offers Business Process Outsourcing services ranging from payroll to web solutions and retail healthcare services to various industries in India and the Philippines.

Leadership styles are the skills, traits, and behaviors that a leader exhibits as he or she interacts with his workers. Adi Saravanan as the president of Allsec Technologies is portrayed as a democratic leader. As such, he uses a democratic leadership approach to manage the company’s activities. This is because he encourages the participation of all his workers and staff in decision makings.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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