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The Corporations Production Target - Assignment Example

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The reporter states that Saccharine Beers Corporation’s attention is drawn regarding dwindled production results way below the Corporation’s production target in the past two weeks, as the Brewery Department weekly reports indicated…
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The Corporations Production Target
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Download file to see previous pages In line with the purpose of this memo, the beer making process in the application is attached as well as the modified process recommended thereon. Before the main issue is handled, an introduction is done regarding the cause of the problem and then the explanation follows in the inclusion of the recommendations.
Saccharine Beers Corporation deals in the production and marketing of malted beers. Currently, the plant supplies the beer market with six million bottles of malted beer on a daily basis, which translates into half a million bottles of beer every hour. The capacity of the plant can slightly be increased to about three hundred bottles of beer every hour in a high season. On a low season, the Corporation reduces production up to a hundred thousand bottles every hour. The low season’s production is set so low, to ensure that production caters for just plant costs than to produce without market sensitivity.
During the current high season, the plant expanded its production capacity to hit half a million bottles of beer. Production increments were in line with the increased market coverage and promotional strategies embarked in the recent past. Positive results have been confirmed by the Sales Department, with an all-time high sales record being posted. Enthusiasm within the Corporation’s operations has prompted future projections currently made to illustrate a capacity outstretch, both by demand and production.
At Saccharine Beers, the production of malted beers is simplified to enable a process that is as close to the natural brewing process as possible. As illustrated in the flowchart, five main production stages are involved in the entire beer making process. For hygiene regulations compliance, the corporation simplifies the process as much as possible for quality assurance (Cobbett, 22). The main processes are briefly discussed, stating the problem involved and strengths. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Corporations Production Target Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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