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Milwaukee Surgical Supplies Inc - Firms Average Collection Period - Research Paper Example

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This paper "Milwaukee Surgical Supplies Inc - Firm’s Average Collection Period" focuses on the fact that to calculate the annual savings that would result because of the toughened credit policy, it would be necessary to calculate the number of finance charges incurred on the previous debtors. …
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Milwaukee Surgical Supplies Inc - Firms Average Collection Period
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Download file to see previous pages “Financial management entails planning for the future of a person or a business enterprise to ensure a positive cash flow. It includes the administration and maintenance of financial assets. Besides, financial management covers the process of identifying and managing risks”. An organization is any entity that is given the admission by the by the state or the government of that country to perform the business activities that can bring profit to the fir and its shareholders (those activities must be within the legal framework of the government). Financial statements are used to record financial activities of an organization, they usually represent the performance of a company over a particular period of time and these analyses are used by many potential users for their respective purposes. An organization’s financial statements are used by many different users, e.g. potential investors investigate and appraise a company’s performance and based on these evaluations made with respect to the financial statements, investors decide the company which suits them. Suppliers and Customers are also among all the different users of financial statements. They use financial statements with their own personal interests and then weigh the company’s performance accordingly.
Performance measurement is a part of the system of financial control of an enterprise as well as being important to investors. Financial statement analysis is the analysis of the financial perspective of an organization. In financial statement analysis, an organization’s financial performance is heavily focused upon. This is usually done at the expense of other non-financial issues. A company’s financial statements are reviewed and its performance is evaluated with regards to financial issues such as an increase in Sales, profit, reduction in costs, etc. the main areas that are usually focused upon are the financial issues and upon those financial findings, a conclusion is given about the company’s performance.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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