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Validating Late Mover Advantages in e-commerce: Evidence from Selected Companies - Research Proposal Example

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The "Validating Late Mover Advantages in e-commerce: Evidence from Selected Companies" proposed research es focus on validating the advantages of late movers in e-commerce. It attempts to gather useful evidence from two companies including Barnes and Noble and Walgreens…
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Validating Late Mover Advantages in e-commerce: Evidence from Selected Companies
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Extract of sample "Validating Late Mover Advantages in e-commerce: Evidence from Selected Companies"

Download file to see previous pages The market dynamics have been drastically changed over the years as marketing and selling over the internet has become an integral part of business strategies. The changing trends in the consumer behavior and attitude towards shopping at their own ease have pushed businesses to rethink their strategies and approach the business in an entirely new way to which they may not be accustomed to. E-commerce poses greater challenges for companies to change and adapt to the needs of the disequilibrium that is continuously created within the online market space. The challenges faced by the companies are in the form of “weak intellectual property rights, technical interdependence, technical uncertainties, and rapid technical innovation” (Hays & Sadeddin, 2006). Companies need to adapt to newer technologies in order to gain and sustain their position amongst their competitors. The entire paradigm of e-commerce is based on the ability of companies to improvise such technologies and methodologies that actually create customer traffic to their online website and generate sales.

Companies making entry into e-commerce are either regarded as first movers or late movers. First movers are characterized by their unique business model, business idea or strategy that allows them to attract a large number of customers. Such companies work on innovativeness and are able to establish a strong position in the market by creating a brand for themselves and securing close ties with suppliers, customers, distribution channels and promoters. These companies strive to keep ahead of others on the learning curve and they are able to adapt to the changing business environment by exploring new technologies. However, it is argued that the presence of first movers does not surely imply that other companies will not succeed. These companies are regarded as late movers in e-commerce that rely on an “imitating strategy” (Hays & Sadeddin, 2006). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Validating Late Mover Advantages in e-commerce: Evidence from Selected Research Proposal, n.d.)
Validating Late Mover Advantages in e-commerce: Evidence from Selected Research Proposal.
(Validating Late Mover Advantages in E-Commerce: Evidence from Selected Research Proposal)
Validating Late Mover Advantages in E-Commerce: Evidence from Selected Research Proposal.
“Validating Late Mover Advantages in E-Commerce: Evidence from Selected Research Proposal”.
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