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Business Ethics: The Enron Scandal - Research Paper Example

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The purpose of this paper is to consider a real-world example of an incident that can be used to study the significance of Business Ethics. The Enron Scandal influenced the ethics area of business to an extent where legislation had to be put into place in order to avoid repetition of such incidents …
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Business Ethics: The Enron Scandal
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Download file to see previous pages Business Ethics is considered to be a part of applied ethics since vast aspects of ethics related to business are rooted in practicality. Business ethics deal with the transparency of the functions of a business in a manner such that the information, services, and products that an organization provides to its clients are based upon truth and honesty (DesJardins, 2008). A breach in business ethics would mean that the organization has either misguided its clients through false information, or provided services to its clients that are not equivalent to those that were promised earlier, or provided products to its clients that were of a quality inferior to that which had been either promised or quoted earlier.
Over time, numerous scenarios have come forth in which various organizations have been exposed accounting frauds or money laundering or forms of cheating of the similar kind in which business ethics have been boldly violated. Uniformity in the vast majority of such cases can be found in the fact that once the breach of business ethics has been made, organizations have more than often attempted to cover up their shortfalls and mistakes. But unfortunately for all such organizations, the very existence of business ethics is meant for the existence of progress for the members of the corporate world. Any breaching of business ethics simply means that the organization involved in the breach has selected the path it will take and has chosen for the graph of progress to begin steeping downwards. What comes as even more in the study of such cases is the fact that the amount of collateral damage is more than often on a catastrophic scale.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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