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Competing in the Global Marketplace: SonAngol Limited - Term Paper Example

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The author examines how SonAngol Limited plans to expand its operations to other countries and states that it must make sure that the product selected is having export possibilities. For that, it must analyze different products that are available for export and top among them should be selected…
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Competing in the Global Marketplace: SonAngol Limited
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Extract of sample "Competing in the Global Marketplace: SonAngol Limited"

Download file to see previous pages Son Air is an Airline company of SonAngol Limited. SonAngol was started in the year 1976 and is the national leader in the field of oil and gas reserves in Angola. The main business activity of Son Air is to support the oil industry. The company has a unique business strategy which helps it grow very fast. “Over time, Son Air plans to branch out into yet other new markets. And to successfully venture into those new areas when the time comes, we are already setting up flexible management structures so that we can respond rapidly to changing conditions and maximize our efficiency. This strategy will enable Son Air to survive and prosper, and to be ready for the time when we have to compete with local and foreign companies.” (SonAir is a client-oriented business: We put the safety and comfort of our clients first, 2006). Son Air is now planning to enter into Asian markets. Before implementing the expansion, there should be well-organized planning and also an in-depth study of the market and geography should be conducted. As the global market is more competitive, a global competitive strategy should be designed which will help the company to enter the Asian market easily and survive there. 
Before taking a decision to enter the Asian market, a detailed study of the internal and external business environment should be conducted. Internal environment analysis includes a market study of various internal factors like planning, organizing, implementing and controlling the activities in order to make the international expansion successful. External environment analysis includes the study of various external factors like economic environment, political environment, the legal system, cultural environment, business environment, religious environment, and competitive environment…etc in the country where the company is going to expand its business operation. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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