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Chilled Vehicles and Special Care of Products - Assignment Example

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In the paper “Chilled Vehicles and Special Care of Products,” the author provides a discussion on the advantages of hiring a third party to manage the fleet of vehicles. There are doubts as to the exact number of vehicles we have to purchase since these are all plans and some hypotheses…
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Chilled Vehicles and Special Care of Products
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Extract of sample "Chilled Vehicles and Special Care of Products"

Download file to see previous pages Hiring another company or the third party to man the operations of the fleet of vehicles can put the company down. That would be like dealing with new employees who are not really working for the company, and who do not know our products. It will also be tantamount to revealing the secrets of our products and company that we have treasured all through the years. The best option is to work on the fleet of vehicles and get the right people to handle the operations. 
There are doubts as to the exact number of vehicles we have to purchase since these are all plans and some hypotheses. But we tried to scale down our output, made some estimates and inside surveys, and come out to some numbers, which were reached by calculating our product output come 2010. This is a rather large area or the number of land banks now that we have to be very careful in our estimates. However, we may not go over our estimates, instead, we just have to try to catch up when the time comes, i.e. if our vehicles can not cope with the quantity of produce, we have some contingency measures.
Since the family has decided that the farms will be fully operational, and the Hotel and restaurants would have to go, as Transport Manager, I recommend a fleet of an initial of 20 to 30 (or a maximum of 50) vans to carry the products, vegetables, and fruits, to and from the farms and orchards, and to various destinations of the country. These are not all big vans but light vehicles enough to carry loads of products; a few big vans to augment a big quantity of cargoes will have to be purchased. The size of these vehicles will concur with the specifications of the Traffic Commissioner and VOSA examiners, in order not to bypass laws for overloading. Maintenance will also have to be dealt with. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Chilled Vehicles and Special Care of Products Assignment, n.d.)
Chilled Vehicles and Special Care of Products Assignment.
(Chilled Vehicles and Special Care of Products Assignment)
Chilled Vehicles and Special Care of Products Assignment.
“Chilled Vehicles and Special Care of Products Assignment”.
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