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Competitive Marketing Strategies: Coca-Cola Company - Research Paper Example

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In this research report “Competitive Marketing Strategies: Coca-Cola Company” the researchers evaluate the global market environment in the beverage industry. In particular, the researchers discussed and assessed the market environment in the soft drinks industry…
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Competitive Marketing Strategies: Coca-Cola Company
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Extract of sample "Competitive Marketing Strategies: Coca-Cola Company"

Download file to see previous pages As competition between PepsiCo and Coca-Cola continue to intensify, Coca-Cola needs to find other avenues of growth to sustain profitability and competitiveness. More importantly, Coca-Cola must anticipate and develop an entrepreneurial culture in the organization to maintain its market leadership.
Issues identified were as follows: (1) to broaden its current mission statement to focus more on the customer’s well-being and not merely focus on the specific product benefits, and (2) to undertake a re-organization to better support its global strategy in meeting the market needs.
With the need to anticipate shifts in the market, the researchers believe that resistance is expected from middle managers and individual contributors. Nonetheless, with senior management exhibiting transformational leadership skills and capabilities, management will be convinced its team in undertaking this transformation change, inspire their teams to transcend its current position, and offer better products and services to its customers.
Should the company fail to anticipate the change in the market and respond to the market needs, it may result in lost profitability and competitiveness of the company. Therefore, in an effort to sustain its overall competitiveness and profitability, Coca-Cola must be able to develop an entrepreneurial culture to strategically address the changing market environment. More importantly, senior management must be able to provide the necessary support for the entrepreneurial spirit to flourish and compete in the globally.
The Coca-Cola Company is known to be the largest and most well-known soft drink company in the world. The company has the most extensive distribution system and considered to be the most popular brand in the world. The Coca-Cola brand is the world’s top brand and had been for four consecutive years according to the Interbrand consultancy (online BBCNews).  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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