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Business Strategy of the Able Corporation - Assignment Example

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This paper "Business Strategy of the Able Corporation" focuses on the fact that Able Corporation has a lot to talk about, as far as its past is concerned. The company had served its customers for many years providing a whole range of power tools like circular saws, drills, reciprocating saws.  …
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Business Strategy of the Able Corporation
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Extract of sample "Business Strategy of the Able Corporation"

Download file to see previous pages Now that Walden International has shown its intentions to acquire the company, it presents a fresh lease of life for Able Corporation and an opportunity to recoup and consolidate its position. For a successful acquisition to take place the potential acquirer needs to have a high degree of clarity on the kind of acquisition that one would want, knowledge about the key distribution channels and the industry segmentation. The acquirer takes a proactive role. Walden International, therefore, must have done some pre-acquisition studies and analysis and the aggressive manner in which the company has been presenting itself to the world by explaining each quarter its financial gains, will help Able Corporation to pool its resources, put its house in order and restart a journey towards a successful future. Over the next year the top two strategic objectives for Able Corporation should be;

i. To prepare a cohesive team of competent managers and restore the confidence amongst the employees: It can be said for sure that had the team of managers at Able Corp been a cohesive one, then perhaps they would not be in this state today. Terry (1994) says that competence for a managerial job is the product of both inherited and acquired qualities. In the case of Able Corporation, the management has presented a disunited face, which not only results in the competitor taking advantage, but such acrimony severely de-motivates the employees as well. Motivation is no doubt, a process of need-arousal, propelling a person to channelize his energies and efforts in the direction of seeking satisfaction of that need. But the public display of an adverse behaviour of leadership diminishes this urge in the employee, which ultimately results in harming the cause of the company. The team spirit amongst the human resources, most crucial during such tough times, is nowhere in sight. The fact that the monthly meetings of the senior management have been reduced to arguments and blame game, it could be quite possible that not many managers are even interested in the revival of the company.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Business Strategy of the Able Corporation Assignment.
(Business Strategy of the Able Corporation Assignment)
Business Strategy of the Able Corporation Assignment.
“Business Strategy of the Able Corporation Assignment”.
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