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The Return of International Business Machines - Dissertation Example

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This paper “The Return of International Business Machines” will tackle the downfall and recovery of IBM. The succeeding paragraphs will justify the importance of the IBM’s case in corporate finance. It will highlight the role and implication of innovation and changing technology…
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The Return of International Business Machines
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Extract of sample "The Return of International Business Machines"

Download file to see previous pages The only difference that IBM shows is its capability of recovering after a great downfall. As a student, I believe that the downfall and recovery of IBM should become an imperative in a Corporate Finance course as it clearly shows the interdependence of the company’s financial health and the firm’s overall performance. The case of IBM also shows the mistakes that firms usually make. Through this, students who are trained to become financial executives someday are cautioned and trained on how to better handle decision-making processes. Another point which is highlighted by the IBM’s downfall and recovery is the great impact of a firm’s external environment. As mentioned above, the company’s downfall was triggered by its disregard of the changing markets and emerging trends. Thus, IBM teaches students that financial policies should take into account a firm’s external factors. It is equally amazing how IBM was able to cope and surpass all these financial pitfalls. The case of IBM is also an important part of corporate finance as it shows the essential steps in producing a total turnaround in a business organization. Truly, the fall of IBM has been detrimental to the whole IT sector but the company managed to improve by proper financial strategies.  As future finance executives, this gives students a hope in reviving a financially dead business organization. As such, it is also a helpful source of information on the essential aspects of managing the financial area of a company.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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