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Ethics in decision making - Assignment Example

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 The writer of this essay considers that the values that governed his choices were integrity, compromise, principles, duty commitment, eagerness, inquisitiveness, motivation, outrageousness, nerve, passion, persistence resolution, silliness, solidarity, trustworthiness, understanding, willingness and zeal.  …
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Ethics in decision making
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Extract of sample "Ethics in decision making"

Download file to see previous pages Moral development of the charactersAccording to moral standards, we can rate the characters from the highest to the lowest as follows: the second hermit, the boy, the first hermit, the girl and lastly the captain. The moral development of the girl is questionable but to some extent it depends on the advice she gets and the critical decisions she has to make, in this case, visit the boy for one more last time, before he goes on a long journey (Polillo, 2015). The girl does not quickly accept the offer the captain but after the advice of the first hermit especially on sacrifice, she decides to visit the boy at all cost even though this will affect her moral standing. The boy shows great moral development and his inquiries from the girl how she came through she had no money. The boy hears her answer, refuses to be associated with, and breaks their relationship. The boy exhibits moral uprightness in that he leaves the girl because she has lowered her morals in accepting the captain’s offer. The second hermit is morally upright in that he helps the girls with no strings attached when compared to the captain. The captain has low morals in that he opts to spend the night with the girl in exchange for transportation to the boy's island. The shows courage and thus confident in that she goes against all odds to get to meet with the boy. She consults the first hermit than the second hermit and does not give up on her quest to meet the boy even when the captain wants her to compromise on her values.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Ethics in Decision Making Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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